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Ever wonder why Yoda is one of the very, very few of his race we ever see in the Star Wars movies? Especially when you consider how major a character he is. But we only ever see one other member of his species throughought all six films. Wierd, huh? Did you ever wonder how Yoda became, well, Yoda. Why is he such a pacifist (beyond the horrific mishandling of his character in the prequels) and how did he start out.

Ahem, let us begin at the beginning

Setting the scene

So picture a world that's sort of in between Endor and Dagobah with regard to it's eco system. There's lush forestry and grass, but also swampland and all kinds of crazy reptilian animals thriving. It's hardly as beautiful as Naboo or Kashyyyk, but it's home to the boy Yoda and his species of... Yodans? Actually, they don't have a name, so we'll refer to them as X, because I can't think of one. Anyway, this colony isn't massive, there's maybe a couple hundred of them, but they have incredibly long lives, so children are seen as a big deal due to their lack of numbers and longevity. All of these inhabitants are actually force sensitive to some degree, and are very in tune with nature, so they are all vegetarians. Yoda himself is the youngest of the colony and has already started to exhibit exemplary attunement with the force.

Yoda & co.

So Yoda is quite the free spirit, roaming off on his own over the planet. Always wanting to learn more about the force and the universe, he begins to experiment with his power, reaching beyond what his elders taught him. he connects with the life across the whole of his planet and, in time, other systems as well. His power grows at an astronomical rate, and he confides in his parents. They try and help him to control it with the aid of the colony's wisest force users, but Yoda wields too great a power to contain his outbursts during awkward stages of youth. So they find an uninhabited moon with no life forms within Yoda's mental reach and they decide to send him there. Yoda is understandably angry about this, but agrees that it's maybe for the best to leave until he can control his power.

The Invasion

Unfortunately, the then powerful Sith empire travel to his planet. However, when they arrive they are met with resistance from the colony. Sadly however, they are no match for the Sith, who are at the height of their power. Yoda arrives home to a battle that is virtually almost lost, seeing the last of his people and family fall at the hands of Darth Bane. Yoda launches into the fray, overpowering any and all Sith in his path to reach Bane. When he reaches him, the two engage in a fight, but Yoda is soon overpowered by Bane and his minions. However, through his connection to nature, Yoda escapes with the help of the creatures of forests, making it to the ship that would have taken him away before, he leaves, seeing all the destruction as he flies overhead...


Yoda leaves and continues to learn and grow in his power. Soon, he starts to hunt down the Sith, waging a one man war against the empire that destroyed his home. His conquest takes him across the entire Galaxy leaving a bloody trail of Sith warriors in his wake. Soon, Darth Bane begins to take note of this powerful force user that threatens his great empire and makes plans to eliminate him, setting a trap (because Star Wars is all about traps, right?) for this crusader. However, he underestimates just how powerful Yoda has grown and it leads to a direct confrontation between the two in the middle of Coruscant, where millions of millions live. Here, Bane reveals to Yoda that it was because he felt Yoda reaching out to other planets that he invaded his homeworld, a bomb that sends Yoda over the edge into rage. The fight that ensues is ground-shaking, with two of the most powerful ever force users going at it with all they've got. Skyscrapers fall and spires topple. Eventually Yoda overpowers Bane, holding him at his mercy, then killing him.


Yoda looks around and sees the result of his thirst for vengeance. People stare at him in fear, sheilding their children and backing away through the rubble. The battle has reduced a massive chunk of Coruscant to ash and Yoda, for the first time, thinks of the consequences of all his action. The towns he laid waste to and the blind headstrong campaign that hasn't even filled the gaping hole in his heart. In fact, it can only have gotten bigger. Yoda flees into isolation, promising to spend a lifetime harnessing his power and learning control, calm and peace. In time, he builds the new Jedi Order, but forswears battle himself, only training new Jedi.

Wrapping Up...

Did I do Yoda justice? I think so but, y'know, I wrote it. If you did like it, then awessome!!! If not, that's fine too. But I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you did too.

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