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Thomas Marsula

It all started on a rainy day. A heard of wild Pikachu, were hiding inside the various trees. The youngest Pikachu looked up the sky not really understanding why the others hid. The rain was rather relaxing. Pikachu shifted his head hearing a tree fall to the ground. The others had fled. He looked back but was still more curious to what the sound was. He would head toward the noise. There were a group of humans cutting down part of the forest to help build an arena. Pikachu watched on from a distance seeing many men cutting down these trees. Among them there was a young woman. Pikachu stood up promptly seeing this woman beg and plead for them to stop. He didn’t understand the words so he studied the movements very carefully. All that flailing from this woman seemed to intrigue Pikachu. He would wait off to the side and see them get as far as they could before a break. The woman waited behind as others left. Pikachu wondered in coming up to her side as she leaned against the tree. He waited a moment.

Pikachu spoke, “Pika (Hello.)”

The young woman was startled a bit then saw the small creature. A tear rolled down her eyes.

She said, “You poor little thing. Why don’t you come with me?”

She reached out and he backed off just a bit. She insured him, “It’s ok. I’m here to help.”

Pikachu nodded, “Pika (Ok.)”

She picked him up and brought him home. She placed him in a small room with a crib in it. She smiled warmly, “You can stay here. I promise to take care of you.”

Pikachu’s head wildly shifted from left to right as it sneezed, “Chu!”

She quickly said, “God bless you.”

Pikachu looked at the bed as the woman left. He walked around a bit trying to figure out this soft terrain. He suddenly collapsed falling asleep.

The next morning Pikachu was awoken by a rather unique smell. He climbed up out of the crib and entered the kitchen. The young woman flipped a pan that had this strange brown circular object Pikachu didn’t recognize. She looked over and smiled, “Oh I see my cooking has got you curious. I’m going to help you find your family, but first we have to build up your strength so we can travel.”

Pikachu saw the woman set down the plate on the table. Pikachu climbed up rather quickly taking in the scent at a closer proximity. She laughed, “Hmm, go on, don’t be shy.”

Pikachu still asked, “Pika, Pi, chu? (What is this?)”

She tilted her head and sighed, “Oh how I wish I could understand your language. I’m sure so many humans would be thrilled to know what Pokémon are saying.”

Pikachu felt a sensation make his stomach growl. He finally lowered a nibbled on the pancake. The taste was glorious. Pikachu warmly perched up and spoke, “Pi Pika; pika. (I want more”)

She stood there tapping her foot on the ground. She finally got a plan; she rushed over and grabbed a note pad. She then gave him another pancake. She observed him eat then perch again. He spoke once more, “Pikachu! (Delicious.)” She tapped her pen against her cheek then she began to theorize out load, “Your full name. That must mean a bit word, while that Pika must mean slightly smaller word. And perhaps that Pi, was a small word.”

Pikachu stood on the table hearing her say Pika and Pi; He perceived she understood him fully. Pikachu asked, “Pi pika Pikachu pi? Do you understand me?”

She again tapped the pen thinking out loud, “Short word then a slightly bigger one followed by a bigger word, then one last word. Based on that movement I’m wondering if you asked me a question.” She thought for another moment then replied, “Pi.”

Pikachu smiled, “Pikachu! (Mother!)”

He hoped all the way into her arms. She caught him nearly falling over. She was amazed. She rocked him back and forth just like a baby. She brought him outside and started to get closer to the forest he hopped down. He pointed back, “Pi, Piki; Pi; pi pika. (I want to go back.)”

She looked down seeing him point back to the house. He looked back up seeing water come out from her eye. She said, “You think that’s home now don’t you? You poor little thing, I didn’t want this to happen this way. We need to get you home.”

Pikachu jumped back his face and body got charged up, “Pi-ka-chu! (Li-ght-ing)”

He struck at the ground with a charged attack. She gasped, “I…I didn’t think that was possible. I’ve studied Pikachu’s for a while, but never have I seen such energy. Clearly you need more time.”

She started to walk back and he followed behind her with a hint of swag in his step as he perched and spoke, “Pika, pika. (That’s right.)”

She knew how bad it could get if she kept him longer. For the next few weeks she would try to lead him outside and she saw that he would only get more stubborn.

One night while Pikachu was asleep the woman went into her van and drove into the city. Pikachu felt restless that night, shifting all about. He awoke sat up and looked around. Pikachu called out, “Pikachu? (Mother?)”

He crawled out and walked around the house seeing it empty. He walked outside and looked around. He saw a small figure coming out from the forest. Pikachu got ready. He proclaimed, “Pika pi, pi Pika! (This is my home!” A small rat came out. Pikachu quickly struck the fear into the rat before it even spoke. Pikachu ears perked up hearing a noise. He turned to see a van. He saw his mother return. He quickly came up and hugged her leg, “Pika, pika! (Your back,”) Pikachu said. The woman nodded, “That’s right, I’m back.” She was thinking at this point there was no going back. She saw he was fully dependent on her. As he grew to full size they would communicate and she fully understood him. She realized he saw her as his mom. She felt she could no longer let him go. She would come to see him as a son.

Once every so often she would test him. She saw he would only fight if a creature wondered in to their proximity. She saw his strikes were lethal. One day she flat out said, “I hope you never fight a tournament. You are one of the most destructive Pokémon in existence.”

Pikachu promised, “Pika, Pika, Pika, Pi, pi, Pikachu (I’ll never fight in a tournament.)”

She smiled, “Thank you Pikachu. And I promise you that I’ll always look after you.”

They went back to the house. She was exchanging her details on Pokémon dialogue to professors. When the first tournaments were announced everyone expected her to make an appearance. She was sent several mails on the subject. She had Pikachu spark them up and tossed whatever remained. Pikachu saw on a blue coach. He watched the tournament. She entered in with some food. She placed it on a counter and asked, “Pikachu, why are you watching this nonsense.”

Pikachu said, “Pi pika, pi, pika, pika, pi, pika. (I want to see how bad it gets.)”

She sighed, “Fine.”

She walked outside the room. Pikachu’s head shifted up. He stood up and went close to the door. Pikachu warned, “Pi Pika! (A threat!)”

She rushed to the door and she opened it and he leaped outside. She saw across from him was a Richu.

Pikachu got ready. Pikachu first threatened, “Pika, Pika! (Back Down)”

The Richu stood firm. He spoke, “Ri, Richu (Come home.)”

Pikachu stepped forward, “Pi, pi, Pika! (I am home!)” Pikachu charged in, he curled into a ball and lashed his tail hitting the Richu’s eye. The woman cried, “Not this way.” The Richu backed down a bit as it started to rain. Richu’s voice was deep and menacing, “Richu ri, ri chu! (You’ll pay for that!)”

He looked up; she noticed the scar Pikachu left. Richu charged in and Pikachu rejected his advance. Richu mocked Pikachu, “Ri-chu, Richu, RI; Richu, RI (you’ll never be like me!)”

Pikachu replied, “Pi-ka, pika, pi, pika pi! (I’ll never be like you!)”

Richu struck with a lighting attack that passed right by Pikachu. Pikachu charged up and sent a large attack that sent Richu fleeing. Pikachu replied loudly, “Pi, pika, pi, Pikachu! (I did it mother!)”

He turned to see his mother was on the ground. He gasped, “Pika!? (What!?)”

He rushed to her side. He budged her side, “Pika pi! Get up!”

Pikachu dashed around the other side to see her eyes were closed. He gently spoke, “Pika pi (wake up.)”

He gave her another nudge with no response. Pikachu shook his head starting to cry. He begged, “Pika!-(please!)”

Again and again he would nudge with no response. His tears could not stop coming down. He mourned, “Pikachu! (Mother!)”

He would not leave her stop. He wouldn’t stop nudging. Pikachu crying and charging of lighting caused a thunder storm all over the world. Pikachu cried, “Pika, Pikachu… (You promised…)”

The rain got even heavier lighting striking all around the area. He looked on her back to see a satchel, he muzzled around opening the brown lap bag. He rolled out a spherical ball with a lighting insignia on it. There were two notes. One was written in English. He looked at it not understanding what was written. It was a note that said this ball was made for him; it was more for looks and had no real practical use. The second note was meant for him. It was a song written just for him.

“I want you to be the best,

Like no other before you.

To release you is my real test

To love you became my cause.

I’ll travel with you through the land,

Searching far and wide.

My Pikachu you’ll understand

The power that’s resides.

Pikachu, oh I love so, its’ you and me.

I know you’re my destiny

Pikachu, oh, you’re my dearest son.

In a world were I’ll protect you.

Pikachu, oh I love so, a heart so true.

Our courage will push us through.

You’ve taught and I’ve taught you.

Ever day a challenge,

With courage I will face.

I will protect you every day,

To live in harmony in one place.

Stay with me now, that’s the choice I made.

There’s no on better,

Hand and hand we’ll walk together.

It’s always been my dream.

Pikachu, Oh I love you so. Its you and me I know it’s my destiny. Pikachu oh you’re my son. In a world were will be free.

Pikachu; a heart so pure. Our courage will push us through. You’ve taught me and I’ve taught you, Pikachu. Oh I love you so; Oh I love you so, Oh I love you so, Oh I love you so, Oh I love you so,

Pikachu, It’s you and me, I know it’s my destiny, Pikachu, oh you’re my dearest son. In a world will live on. Pikachu, a heart so true, our courage will pull us through. You’ve taught me and I’ve taught you. Pikachu, Oh I love you so, oh I love you so, Pikachu!”

From your darling mother


Pikachu would rest beside her for a month. A vehicle pulled up and he looked up to see a man with a lab coat getting out of the vehicle. The man neared him with caution. Pikachu got ready to attack. The man saw the ball roll away and he picked it up. He accidently opened it and Pikachu was sucked inside and shrunk.

Pikachu screamed, “Let me out!”

He was contained in the ball the man saw the notes and picked them both up. He read the first and was puzzled. He ended up discarding the note he couldn’t read. The scientist let Pikachu out and right into a new contained space. He tried to end out a jolt of electricity but it got stuck inside. The scientist would work out different experiments. He had placed the ball on a counter. Several trainers came in over the next few days picking out other behaved Pokémon. Pikachu would not waver and once anyone got a glance at his power they ran off. The other last three got picked and he was the only one that remained. He would start to mumble the song to himself. The scientist wrote down a jingle that went with the song and placed it in his room. One day the scientist saw a young boy wonder in. Pikachu looked at this boy. The boy he would come to learn as Ash.


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