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May 2015 has already come and gone in a flash and we got some great movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2, and apparently Mad Max: Fury Road (unfortunately I still haven't seen it yet). We also had some great trailer released as well though, and I'm excited about several of the films that were released last month so I wanted to round them up here and share them with you guys.

Keep in mind that I get all my trailers from MOVIECLIPS Trailers on youtube and so the trailers below are not listed in the order of what I am most excited for but in the order in which I saw the trailers.

Enough talking though, check them out!

1. Legend (October 2, 2015)

I love a good crime film, something with gangsters from a more distinguished era and it's interesting whenever it's based after a true story. I'm also a fan of Tom Hardy and get excited to see anything that he's in as he's becoming more and more diverse in the roles he chooses. Here, in 'Legend', Tom Hardy will be playing identical twins, Ronald and Reginald Kray.

The Kray twins were foremost perpetrators of organized crime in London and started a gang called "The Firm". The Firm were involved in things like armed robbery, arson, protection rackets, assaults, and obviously murder.

Despite their misdeeds, the Krays, overtime, became a sort of celebrity pair. They owned nightclubs and even mixed with popular entertainers like Diana Dors, Judy Garland, and Frank Sinatra as well as mingling with a few politicians.

There's a lot more to these guys' story that I won't divulge into here, but I'm definitely excited to see how Hardy brings these two brothers back to life on the big screen.

2. Absolutely Anything (August 14, 2015)

I'm a sucker for a good Simon Pegg movie. I don't know what it is that makes me root for him so much, but whenever I see Simon Pegg, I get excited. If I were to take a guess, it would have all started with watching films like 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz' that showed me how truly hilarious someone like Pegg is.

But this movie looks like it could be a great bit of fun with it sort of taking a 'Bruce Almighty' approach where a human gets the power to do...well...absolutely anything. I love films like this because they are always funny to me as you see the characters start off divulging in their self-interests when they use their powers. I think this bit is always funny to me because it's so realistic because there are so many people out there, if given the power to do anything they wanted, would use it for their own self-interests and I like it when movies like this make fun of that.

Plus, a part of me is a bit partial to the movie considering that Robin Williams voiced Simon Pegg's dog.

3. Crimson Peak (October 16, 2015)

I am typically not a horror guy. When I think horror, I think the same cookie-cutter setting with college age characters where the guys come off as obnoxious and the girls are over-sexualized. I feel like horror movies today lack originality and creativity for the most part. There's so many half-baked installments in many mediocre franchises (my personal opinion).

But I am a fan of Guillermo del Toro and his story-telling capabilities. He's always caught my attention and I've watched many of his films and love them like the Hellboy movies, 'Pacific Rim', and my favorite film of his 'Pan's Labyrinth'. 'Crimson Peak' looks legitimately scary to me though and the actors they've chosen and the story their selling are all compelling. There's a touch of mystery mixed with the fear and I think those obviously work well together considering a large of fear comes hand-in-hand with the unknown. Watching someone saw through their leg or snip their eyeball out of their friends head is not something I find scary, I find it gross and usually find myself being very irritated.

To wrap this portion up, 'Crimson Peak' looks like a refreshing departure from the horror I've seen the past few years. My expectations are high for this one.

4. The Intern (September 25, 2015)

I'm not always sold on those heart-warming comedy/drama mashups, but this one looks appealing. I like Anne Hathaway, I like Robert De Niro and the idea of this film just set well with me. I think the prospect of contrasting and comparing two different people who are separated by age and gender and somehow bringing them together (not romantically) to form an unexpected bond. I think it's because I think about how fast time goes and I think about where I'm going in life and how I'll be in my 60s before I know it.

So, not a whole lot to say on the matter of this film, it just caught my eye. It's not a theater film, but it's definitely a Red Box rental.

5. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (September 18, 2015)

Last year, I was pleasantly surprised when I watched 'Maze Runner'. I think that Dylan O'Brien is a great actor and showed that he's an up-and-coming to pay attention to. I don't think the first movie got the attention or publicity it deserved with other films like 'Divergence' and 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1' all coming out in the same year. The whole young-adult, dystopian future setting is a little over-saturated but I feel of the three franchises, that 'Maze Runner' was one of the better ones.

I am glad that it did well enough to earn itself a sequel and I must say that this movie looks like it has a lot more going on in it and I can't wait to see how the story unfolds for our group of protagonists. What are the Scorch Trials? I am anxious to find out.

6. Cooties (September 18, 2015)

This is no doubt, one of those hole-in-the-wall comedies that will come out very quickly and probably be hushed away just as quickly. But I have to give this film some attention because they are taking a very funny spin on the whole zombie trend that's consumed our culture. It may not ethically be the best movie considering what the film's premise entails. But it just looks too funny. I love Rainn Wilson and Elijah Wood is a great actor. Seeing these together is odd but it looks funny.

Also, not a theater watch, but I definitely will be tracking this on Netflix as I'm sure it'll be on there as soon as it hits a DVD release.

7. Cop Car (August 7, 2015)

I love that dreary, dry, southern atmosphere in movies. It's that same atmostphere that the Coen Brothers put into their movies. This is not a Coen Brothers film, but it definitely has that vibe. These kinds of stories seem to always take me by surprise and I never know which way the events will unfold. The film makers of these types of films always throw me for a loop and I have to mentally tell myself to cast aside any assumptions I may have concerning the outcome.

But from the looks of the film, Kevin Bacon shows us again, just how good he is at playing the villain. This looks like the type of film that will have you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

I'm going into this movie expecting the unexpected.


Well, those are my favorite trailers from this past month and I know they're not as action-packed as the movies I normally focus on, but I try to diversify my taste in films, I'm just picky about which ones I see in theater or own on blu-ray. But I think all of the above movies look more-or-less promising, what do you guys think? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section and don't forget to vote in the poll!


Which of these movies are you most excited for?

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