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Need a stoner's oppinion on anything comic book related? Of course you don't but give these a read anyways!
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Let, me start this off by saying I'm positive that almost 95 percent of the viewers who saw Avengers, have not seen Masters of the Universe (nor should they!) But the people over at CouchTomato have seen it, and they've also seen The Avengers, and well they've seen some similarities to say the least. Now they have broke it down to just twenty four crucial similarities between the two movies to prove to all of us that they truly are the same movie. Enough of me telling you about how much this video scrambles my brain, just watch for yourself!

Guy with an Eyepatch? Check

Other planet guys taking blue thing? Check!

After credit scene suggesting bigger threats are out there? CHECK!!

There, isn't much we all can really do other than just laugh at the shocking comparisons! So make sure you go check out CouchTomato they have tons of videos showing many more movies like how The Matrix and Lego Movie are the same! Oh, and quick side note, we need more He-Man posts! Also, apologies for this insanely short half arsed article (I'm better than this, not really!) I blame Hollywood, no I blame myself, or marijuana (yeah it's probably that!) Make sure to subscribe to their youtube channel, and if you have a heart in your chest cavity you will go check out some articles we actually spent probably to much time on! Also peep that comment section so we can discuss these movies!


Do you think these movies are the same?


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