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Growing up was tough, how could it not be: to be the daughter of an immortal villain brings its own unique set of life interactions. This life was never how she thought her world would play out, yet here she stands on the rooftop of her mothers home as the sun sets in the distance: knowing that she is on a path set before her by something greater than herself. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it what you will. She has come to accept her future and become the only thing she knows how to be anymore:

Scandal Savage: Mercenary of Death.

Taking a short breath, she closes her eyes and lets her adolescent memories play through her mind.

As a small girl, all that seemed to matter in life was that her mother was there for her at every turn. She was happy. She felt loved. She thought her life was perfect. Then he showed up late one afternoon. He stood in the doorway and although she didn't know who he was, she knew him. Somehow, someway she knew this man. Behind her, a plate shatters and she turns to see her mother standing in the doorway with an almost fearfully surprised expression, but she sees something else in her mothers eyes. It looks almost like love. She had only ever seen that expression once in her life but that was a long time ago.

She turns back to the grizzled man standing in the doorway. He looks between her and her mother and then begins to speak in a deep gravely almost exotic voice that she hasn't heard before.

You both look so beautiful, and have only grown more beautiful since I last saw you.

She hesitates to reply and slowly scoots back along the floor towards her mother. Her mother whispers It's okay my darling.. He is your father.

My father?! She questions in her mind as she glances back at him. His lips curling into a smile almost too practiced. Almost as if there is nothing real about this man. As if she shouldn't believe what is happening. Her mother walks past her and moves cautiously towards the man until she stands before him. She reaches up as to touch his face, but instead slaps him across his jaw.

Where did you go!? Why did you leave after last time, you said you would always be there for us, and I couldn't find you! - She exclaims.

The man slowly looks back at her mother, smirking slightly.

I guess I did deserve that, but I'm back now to stay. It's time that she learns the truth, and embraces her legacy as my heir, if she's truly worthy... - He says.

He looks directly at her, and a feeling of fear looms over her head. She feels the weight of his stare burrow deep into her mind as if he is staring into the deepest, darkest reaches of her soul; looking for something. She shudders as a wry grin slides across his face. Her mother turns with a smile on her face, and she feels mildly comforted but can't help but feel as though her simple life won't ever be the same.

Her mother takes his hand and leads him into the house quickly shutting the door behind them. The two of them walk past her and his hand brushes against his hair sending another chilling vibe through her body, but she questions her own doubts as her mother seems to be happy, truly happy once again. Her mother and the man walk into the kitchen and as he sits at the table she hears her mother say:

Where were you all this time Vandal?

Vandal. His name is Vandal. She watches him from the other room as he talks with her mother.

I had business to take care off on the other side of the world, but now that I've dealt with it I need to start thinking about the future; and that involves you and my daughter. - He answers.

What does he mean by his future? - she wonders as she slowly sneaks out the front door to try and resolve all the emotions that she's feeling inside. She closes the door quietly and begins to run as far and as fast as she can, trying to understand what is happening. She finally stops running and tries to catch her breath and make sense of her world that seems to be spinning out of control. She sits down and tries to breathe as the sun is finally setting.

Back at the house Vandal and her mother continue talking. Her mother unaware that she has left the house.

What do you need my little Isabella for? - She asks.
My dear, she's always been my future, and I always planned to return for her. She is the only one who could possibly continue my legacy. She has gifts that even she does not understand. - He answers.
What do you mean by that Vandal? - She asks.
All that will be revealed in time, she will learn to control what I gave her before she was even born. - Vandal says, looking off into the distance as if he knows that Isabella is off in that direction.
I guess I have no choice in the matter? - She continues.
You're right. What is about to happen was planned from her first breathe. - He says forebodingly.

Weeks later, Vandal remains at the house: with both him and her mother acting as if Isabella's entire life hasn't just been turned upside down. Yet, she is adjusting; slowly and cautiously to what this man is telling her.

Time passes, and Isabella continues about her life adjusting to life with this man as her father. One day, Isabella is at home with Vandal while her mother is out at the store and she looks at him out of the corner of her eye.

What is it child? - he asks.
Why did you come back? - Isabella asks.
For you to take your place as my heir. - Vandal answers, now looking at her stoically.
Your heir? What are you.... exactly? - Isabella questions.
I am a king. A king among mere mortal men. I have lived what seems an eternity, and it's time for you to take your rightful place as the one to continue my name. - Vandal says as matter-of-factly as he can.

Isabella stares at him wide-eyed in disbelief.

I have seen the rise and fall countless nations. I have had numerous lives, I have lived thousands of years. I toppled Atlantis. I ruled over legions. I led civilizations as Alaxander, as Caesar, as Khan. I have advised great kings and leaders, yet through my countless travels I have discovered that my prominence may in fact be what brings my life to an end. And that is why I have come for you. I have come to show you the truth of who you are. You are a Savage. You are my daughter. I will teach you to live as you were destined to. A queen, heir to my world. - Vandal continued.

Still taken a back, not sure if what he just said was lunacy. But with his cold stare delving into her soul again, she knew that his words were true even though it was impossible. Isabella looks back at him unsure of what to say.

Vandal turns to face her.

Let me train you, and you will see the truth of what I have to offer you.

Isabella bites her lip, as he stands up and offers his hand out in invitation. Vandal stands unwavering, as Isabella slowly reaches out to take his hand.

The years pass with seemingly endless training sessions.

Vandal trains Isabella in countless forms of combat and offers her a gift of a set of wrist mounted blades, the Laminas Pesar. She spends countless hours perfecting her fighting ability as Vandal exposes her to the wickedness that he has brought upon the world. Vandal pours deceit, anger and conviction into Isabella as they train.

His brutal training sessions nearly kill her numerous times, but the thought of power and prestige are to much for Isabella to turn down.

It is at this time when Isabella begins to learn of what Vandal spoke about that first night. Her gifts. No matter the wound he inflicted on her she was able to heal even to the point of regenerating her damaged organs.

Her thirst for battle only grew as Vandal pushed her harder with each passing day, determined to transform her into a worthy heir.

The countless training regiments and mental barrage would have destroyed any normal girl, yet she withstood every onslaught that Vandal brought, eventually determining that she no longer would live under the name Isabella. She finally realized her destiny. She had been bred and fashioned into a weapon, she would live her life to gain power. She decided that she didn't want to live under Vandal's rule, she wanted to rule her own life. She was bound to be Vandal's greatest scandal. And thus she was reborn: Scandal Savage.


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