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Alright guys, i post about our friendly neighborhood Spider Man a lot, i know. We finally have Peter Parker narrowed down to the final two candidates. Personally i'm not a fan of either one of them, but ill stay open minded due to my love for the character.

The two are Tom Holland and Asa Butterfield.

Now I've finally just given up and said, just give me more spider man. As long as one of these kids knows what they're doing and the writers know what to do i guess it will be okay... As we know our beloved web slinging hero will be a high schooler YET AGAIN. At least he wont look like a 30 year old this time...

Yeah, tell me about it. Even at the age of 6 this was strange to me. Now my opinions biased because i prefer The Amazing Spider Man to the original movies but come on you guys will have to admit I'm right on this one. Lucky for us they're actually using someone a lot younger than before so it will be more realistic, because even in Tasm 2, ill admit the Peter Parker they gave us was a little too hipstery.

You know, a scarf would of completed that hipster look Pete.

Now I'm not here to give a late review on the movie, just what i want to change. The first Amazing Spider man was Terrific, if they had kept going in that direction it would of been great! They didn't though and that's what i believed ruined their franchise.

See Spider Mans a class act, hes witty and a genius (he built his own web shooters for crying out loud!) Now we know from Kevin Feige that this spider man will classic spidey! funny and with a classic costume, but dear god do not let it be this one.

Those web gliders... Just an absolute horror show.

The Love life of Peter Parker

Since the dawn of time, people have been debating on who Peter Parker's real true love has been. Personally I'm on team Gwen, and i have been since I was like 10, but this is Peter Parker high school extraordinaire! As i recall Pete never met Gwen or MJ in high school. Now of course they would leave them out because of the popularity of the characters but i want to see more of two characters that really haven't been focused on in the movies but were a big part of Peters life in the comics.

Liz Allen and Betty Brant

Liz Allen was basically Pete's crush through all of high school, while Betty Brant was his girlfriend when he graduated. (I think, i cant remember when they were together.) Betty ended up marrying another guy named Ned Leeds. This caused much Drama in Peters life as well as Spider Mans, because well Betty hated Spider Man. That i think would lead to a some great movie going action as well as giving us multiple character stories to watch.

Foes Of Spider Man

Many enemies of Spider Man have not yet been shown on the big screen, We have seen Doc Ock, Green Goblin, The Lizard, Electro, and Rhino. I know what you're thinking, Don't say it.

This was not Venom. This was Eric Forman
This was not Venom. This was Eric Forman

As much as id love to see an actual GOOD VENOM, there's no way Marvel would make venom Spidey's first villain we see. there's to much of his story that needs to be shown first. Such as...

Now Spider Mans villains have never been the most... fearsome. So i can see the difficulty into taking one of his nemesis and making them terrifying. Although there are still a lot id like to see. Such as...


Kraven The Hunter



The Jackal

Now introducing The Jackal would mean introducing the clone saga, which was probably the first most outrageous chapter in Spider Mans life other than of course the Spider Buggy....

Now Spider Man is one of the most popular comic book characters ever, hes had iconic moments that are in the comic book hall of history! So its always been hard to make a movie that everyone enjoys. Everyone wanted Marvel to get the rights back and now that Sony is finally co-sharing Spider Man with Marvel for the MCU we might finally get what we want. Or it will be a total mess with bad actors and a story line that doesn't fit in with the rest of the MCU, and yes i'm talking about this.

Hes going to be a high schooler in his 2017 movie
Hes going to be a high schooler in his 2017 movie

This really makes me think we wont be seeing Spider Man in Civil war, because people have already been talking about him being replaced with The Black Panther. If he was to unmask at 15-18 it just wouldn't be very "amazing." At the time Pete and MJ were married, JJ Jonah had a heart attack, and he even had the Iron Spider suit. I guess we'll just have to trust that Marvel knows what they're doing by replacing an older actor with a younger one, and to finally make a Spider man that everyone enjoys.


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