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Jurassic World comes out on June 12th (or the 11th if you're a lucky brit like me) and honestly, me and Ben just can't wait for the film. Naturally, he spends about 23 hours a day reading articles, watching videos and looking at fan art (and playing with his lego). Through this, and countless discussions, we have a little idea of what we might see in the film when it comes to the cuddly velociraptors.

For those who don't know, here's a quick summary of the raptor squad:

Charlie, Delta, Echo and Blue make up the fabulous four, Blue being the leader.

Owen (Chris Pratt) is the main raptor trainer, along with Barry (Omar Sy), who 'control' (it's a relationship based on trust they insist) the prehistoric creatures.

The Jurassic World Lego site tells us some info about each member of the squad including that Blue wants to eat first, being the oldest and leader, so Owen feeds her last to tell her who's really in charge. Blue also is infused with some Black-Throated African Monitor Lizard which gives her the iridescent blue scales.

When the Raptors were younger, Echo challenged Blue for dominance and failed, resulting in a snarling scar on her face, giving her the nickname 'Elvis'.

Charlie is the youngest of the squad, and because she's the 'newbie' she often looks to Blue for guidance. She's also a little unpredictable, so Owen keeps his eyes on her. Charlie's infused with the Large Green Iguana, which gives her the dramatic green stripes.

Delta probably shows the most physical changes due to InGen's experimentation, she has circular pupils like a gecko, rather than the crocodillian-like slits of the other raptors. She also has the most Avian DNA, so her movements closely resemble that of a bird. When she watches you, it can be quite unnerving.

All of this info and more can be found at the Jurassic World Lego site:

Now then, onto the speculation...

Charlie and a Large Green Iguana
Charlie and a Large Green Iguana
Blue and a Black-Throated Monitor Lizard
Blue and a Black-Throated Monitor Lizard
Delta and an Eagle
Delta and an Eagle
There's no info given on what's in Echo...
There's no info given on what's in Echo...

The raptors could turn on each other and/or humans?

The first image released for Jurassic world was a poster showing a raptor stood on the upturned jeep from the first film, with a wrecked visitor centre in the background. I think some people forget about this, but combined with a few clue-filled scenes from the trailers some conclusions can be made.

First of all, there's a scene where a Raptor jumps on what looks like an ACU and bites him, possibly lethally. Now, the trained raptors wouldn't do this, so it's either one of the big four turned bad, or one of the raptors from eggs from the first film that are still roaming the wild northern section of the island. The scene is too short and dark to easily distinguish which of these it is...

There's also a scene where Owen and Barry are crouching in a dark jungle, weapons in hand, when Barry says 'There's something wrong... They're communicating'. This doesn't sound like the type of thing they'd say about the I. Rex, as that would probably contain some more swears ("Oh sh*t, she's f***ing talking the the b***ards"). This makes me think the raptors are communicating, and it wouldn't necessarily be a surprise between members of the squad.

The question is though, do all the raptors turn? WELL, the script writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver also wrote the scripts for the Planet of the Apes reboots... In these films, an old, scarred, rebellious ape called Koba tries to fight against the good leader Caesar, by turning other apes against him. Sound familiar? Echo also has a scar, from fighting with the leader Blue... Have they taken a bit of the PotA plot for the JW one? Well, it's possible that Echo and Delta turn on the other two raptors and the people. I think this because of the similarities between Echo and Koba. Also, in PotA, Caesar's son is a bit of a rookie and underdog, but ultimately sides with his dad and helps to save the day. It's possible that Charlie, being the young rookie who looks up to Blue takes her side, possibly causes a fight between the humans, Charlie and Blue against Delta, Echo and the other Raptors.

It all sounds a bit far-fetched, which is why it is just speculation.

Let me know what you think is in Echo in the comments below, and send any questions or complaints to:





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