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Frank Castle, a man of humble being is thrust into infamy. But that isn't where our story begins. He was raised the son of a soldier the son of honor in world that still had some. It was here that Frank learned his morals and clarity. It was this life that would shape his future.

Frank was raised in a world where right and wrong were not blurred, where illusions were not reality. There was no need for heroes in this country. The years of Captain America and WW2 were behind this new generation. It was a time of peace minus the two wars that sprung in the 50's and 60's. For all intents it was a peaceful time in states, at least in Franks home town just outside NYC.

Frank was good kid, followed every thing by the book, every rule, every law, everything! Laws were his governance. In the 70's as teen, Frank decided his future would follow his fathers. He became a seal and was awarded the prestigious honor of serving in seal team 6 throughout the 80's. By 2000 he had served his 20 years as a badass seal team member. And took a year off to find out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

He reaped the benefits of naval retirement in that time. Then on sept. 11 2001 he had made his decision. He applied for a new service, no not the secret one but the FBI. His goal now to rout out terrorists wherever they are. For 6 years, Frank served and protected the nation from all walks of terrorism. But his luck would run out on Sept. 11 2007. This day would burn in his mind for the rest of his time on earth.

Frank, while in the military had been wed and had a son. He and his family had grown to three and everything was for them. If he could keep America safe he could keep his family safe that was his motto, his creed.

Three weeks before the date of his burning soul, Frank had been on a routine bust of known terrorist operations in a Texas community. But this was no terrorist from abroad this was home grown. The bust went smooth and his much needed time off was coming. He and his wife had planned a trip to the Bahamas. Everyone was going!

While led the bust was smooth the terrorists had one thing in their favor they had been watching Frank for years. After his success for 3 years in the FBI, the family Ahmed Arastoo,a well know Saudi business man in Texas had begun to follow Franks career. Arastoo even went as far as donating money to the FBI for terrorism task forces. What no one knew was that Ahmed was tied to two terrorist organizations. One of which had its own camp in Mexico just south of El Paso. This group was known as the alqeida of the west. They supported the drug smuggling out of Mexico. This groups leader was Arastoo's son, Yousef al Shabad Arastoo. But in America he was known as Joe.

On on his sting operation Joe was the target but no one knew he was the son of Arastoo.

Frank was the one who apprehended the suspect and while enroute to the Dallas FBI HQ, joe somehow had removed his cuffs. Or so Frank had thought. But one of Franks FBI team had in cuffed him just before being placed in the back of the SUV. During this time Frank had been talking to Joe fishing for information when suddenly he is being strangled from behind. Frank turns hard rolling the truck and Arastoo is crushed as the truck rolls onto its roof. Frank escapes a live but shaken and immediately calls for medics. The car then explodes leaving Arastoo's only son to die.

Frank is placed on leave and he and his family head to the Bahamas. It is there that Frank gets a present from his son. Or so he thinks. It was mailed to his house before they left but he'd been in such a hurry that he hadn't opened the package and his wife had packed it. Inside the package addressed to him was a shirt with a large disfigured looking skull. Wrapped in the short was a hand written note "Look-up." As Frank raised his head his son and wife were in the dining area of cabana they had rented for their trip. At that moment he heard a whizz, as if a bullet had passed by his head and a plot second later his wife lay lifelessly bleeding on the floor. As he moved toward her he heard the second whiz as his son fell as well. Frank froze, not from fear, but from anger, rage, hatred.

Who had had done this he thought at first then he raised his hands up as if to say don't shoot he turned slowly to face the window behind him. He could see a glint from a scope. He looked cold and dead as if to say where is mine. But nothing came just starting out he fell to his knees...whhhhhhyyyy!

He screamed then silence for what felt like eternity. He looked down in his hands and dropped the shirt then ran to his wife and child. Then back to the shirt.

"This shirt is MY symbol now. You have made me you have created me you will not be safe! I will find you wherever you are and I will not exhaust in my search. You will pay with justice! I am your judge, jury and executioner! I am the Punisher!"


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