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"ODE TO MY CHILDHOOD," Is a series of illustrations that I've decided to paint to give tribute to those cartoons, toys and video games that made my childhood more incredible!

Anyone following my art probably knows that I have a deep appreciation for my childhood, without getting too far into it, I think is the main motivation behind my career as an illustrator and it's been awhile since I had this idea on my mind, so it was time to make it.

And to do a more accurate work, I had to look for all those cartoons and watch them all over again, which certainly was a great journey to the past.

So if you were born in the '80s, you will probably know most of this cartoons, like the Silverhawks, Gatchaman, Thundercats, or maybe you played F-Zero or Jim the Earthworm on your first Super Nintendo, maybe you even played with Mighty Max mini toys, which were awesome by the way!

Some are older than others but every one of them gave me a great memory, and until this day, I feel very nostalgic when I watch them.

Besides the illustrations, I took the time to gather the intros of most of these fun cartoons. So if you are a nostalgic dude like myself, these intros will probably make you travel in time to those amazing years of the past!

I hope you enjoy this "ODE TO MY CHILDHOOD" as much as I did!

So, let's start with the awesome...



Samurai Pizza Cats


Dino Riders


Mighty Max

Earthworm Jim



Dragon Quest

Knights of the Zodiac


Dragon Ball Z


I hope you enjoyed this "ODE TO MY CHILDHOOD" and I hope it has brought you good memories, too!

And if you want to follow my work, check out my Facebook or Behance profiles!

Thank you for watching!


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