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Panem, a mighty nation founded hundreds of years ago. A land of prosperity and joy. However not all is as happy in paradise as it appears.

The Lord Hawthorne who governs over a region known as Histan began to sow seeds amongst the other outer regions leaders including the regions Jermainia, Rowanth, Menillaria and Deshind to assassinate the tyrannical King Storin who ruled from the nations Capital known as Harmonis.

Joining Lord Hawthorne, the Lord Wallium the Lady Odair began a plot to assassinate the King. The leaders of the 12 outlining regions agreed to prepare their strongest men and train them to become an army independent from the King's. The King had always shown interest in the Lady Odair and the Annual National Royal Ball was due to commence giving them the opportunity to make an attempt on the King's life.

The night of the ball Lady Odair worked her magic and danced with the King while Lord Hawthorne and Wallium bribed the guards to get into the Kings chambers to plant a knife for the Lady Odair to use. The King and Lady danced the night away and he invited her back to his bed chamber. The Lady however had no chance to grab the knife and make the killing strike as upon entering the room the King forces himself onto her.

The night is late and the King sleeps. The Lady Odair quietly gets off the bed and gets dressed again. She knows it is to late and quiet for her alone to successfully kill the King without anyone hearing. She prepares to leave as she sees Hawthorne and Wallium taking refuge in the royal gardens waiting for her. She sees an opportunity and opens the window of the room and with the quiet night signals the pair of Lords to climb the wall using the rose vines growing up the palace. The trio surround with the King the Lords grabbing him and muzzle his mouth closed. They restrain him as best as they can while the Lady Odair stabs him in the heart, killing him. All falls silent and the trio make for their escape.

Lady Odair followed by Lord Hawthorne climb down the rose vines, but as Lord Wallium begins to climb out of the window he his grabbed at the ankle and pulled back in by the King's Guardsman. Hawthorne and Odair flee the scene knowing Lord Wallium will be executed for the Kings murder, but are seen by one of the guards in the distance alerting them to their captor not working alone. Thrown and shackled in a chair Wallium is beaten by the Captain of the Guard, Snow, for information. Wallium refuses to talk and infuriates the Captain forcing him to leave in a rage. President Trinket announces to the nation that the King is dead and that he will be leading the nation while they deal with the crisis.

Trinket meets with Snow who reports the prisoner will not talk. Trinket insists the Captain do whatever is needed to make him talk. Snow sends troops to Rowanth with orders to arrest Wallium's family and bring them to Harmonis. Days pass but Hawthorne insists the leaders of the other regions keep their men prepared as word of Wallium's fate has still not be released. Meanwhile in Menillaria the Lady Odair is stricken with sicken and is constantly being ill causing her son to take command of her troops.

Snow presents Wallium with his wife and son. He orders Wallium to talk or a member of his family will die. Wallium's wife Lady Wallium screams for him not to talk forcing Snow to pull his side arm and shoot her dead and then take aim at the son. The son goes in to a state over his dead mother and in a fit of terror Wallium cries out Hawthorne's name. Snow grins as Wallium begins to reveal the entire plan.

Snow reports his findings to Trinket who commands him to find the leaders of the rebellion and capture them. Trinket broadcasts to the nation and announces the traitors names to the people and executes Wallium live on TV. The regions armies prepare for the invasion as Harmonis Troops begin their march toward the boardesr. A great war engulfs the land with Harmonis creating genetic weapons and creatures including the Jabberjays and Tracker Jackers. Lady Odair gives birth to a daughter during the first year of the war whom she knows is the Kings. She does not want to keep the child but her aunt offers to raise it instead. After 3 years the war was over and won by the now President Trinket and the plans of his now Commander General Snow.

President Tricket announces victory to his people and vows for this to never happen again and the need for the world to be changed. He announces the outer regions will be stripped of their titles given to the by the former King and will simply be numbered districts from now on, that the lives of luxury known by the regions people will be over and that Harmonis will now be know as the Capitol. He then commands the deaths of the captured leaders including Hawthorne and Odair in front of a cheering crowd. He then calls out the children of the dead leaders who are then marched on stage by Snow, Snow positions them into their district as Trinket announces the rules of the first Hunger Games and how the Tributes will be chosen live to the nation right there and then.


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