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Tom Hardy as Punisher?
Tom Hardy as Punisher?

Yesterday, Tom Hardy proclaimed to the world that he would be very interested in donning the white Go-Go boots as the new Punisher. Obviously, this lit the internet world on fire. Punisher is definitely a fan favorite character with one of the biggest fan followings there is. Tom Hardy is a popular name that constantly circulates within the world of superhero movies. Gaining notoriety as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Hardy was originally set to be Rick Flag in Dc's upcoming Suicide Squad. Many fans even believe Hardy could take on the role of Wolverine after Hugh Jackman's departure. Would Tom Hardy make a good Punisher though?

How does Tom Hardy look as Punisher?

Tom Hardy looks amazing in the Fan Art as The Punisher by BossLogic. I could definitely see him as being our next Frank Castle. Tom Hardy has that very gritty, mercenary type look that is needed for a character such as Punisher. Tom Hardy is a very well proven actor that has shown his range in a multitude of different roles, arguably his best being in Inception. Hardy acting wise is very much proven to be up to the role, physically he is great as well, possibly a bit short however. Tom Hardy is one of the most well built actors that is around, anyone that could pull of Bane physically could definitely pull of Frank Castle.

If Marvel were to listen to Tom Hardy's interest's we could have a great new character on our hands for the MCU or the Tv Universe. Unfortunately, Marvel doesn't seem to listen to the fans when it comes down to casting. Millions of fans were campaigning for Dylan O'Brien for Spider-Man, and we were given either Asa Butterfield or Tom Holland. Hopefully Marvel can make this happen, luring Tom Hardy away from Warner Brothers will be no easy task, but waving a Character Such as Punisher in front of his face may be just enough to do so. Thank you BossLogic for this amazing Fan-Art, check out his Twitter for more great Art pieces. It is a great way to put Tom Hardy as The Punisher into a visual perspective and it looks GREAT!


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