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An ocean surface rock collector goes fishing for rocks, not fish, he loves fish, just rocks. Tony Square, the rock fisher, would sail the seas in search of rocks located at the bottom of the ocean. Tony would carry a few sponges around with him so that he could scrub the rock to make it nice and clean for when he puts it on display.

One day, Tony decided to rock-fish in the infamous Bermuda triangle in hope of finding some interesting and maybe even supernatural or mysterious rocks. Tony grasped his lucky sponge, which he nicknamed 'Bob' and put it in his jacket pocket ready to scrub down a nice old rock. Tony also put his favourite fruit on the side, a pineapple, just in case he got a little hungry.

Tony grabbed his fishing rod that, instead of having a worm on a hook at the end, it had a motorised claw that he would control from a little lever on the handle; the claw would grab the rocks. However, a violent storm cooked up, "I should've listened to those stories!" Tony thought as his trusty boat was tossed from side to side.

Tony had to make it back to shore before it was too late. Tony attempted to put 'Bob' the sponge in his special protective case but Tony slipped on the soaked floor and the sponge flew out of his hand and overboard into the bottomless ocean. A crab, far too clever considering the species, begin creating wholes in the boat, causing it to gradually sink. Then, a wave carrying a rather knowing starfish reached up for the boat, taking the pineapple into the sea with it.

Tony reached out for Bob the sponge but failed to grab it. Tony witnessed his sponge leave his life forever. Tony heard knocking from his cabin quarters, he noticed another boggling sight, a squirrel, in his quarters, hammering on the window. Wait what? A squirrel?

Tony's boat was sinking rapidly, there was nothing he could do, he was about to face death, oh well, at least he was going to die doing something he loved. As the boat sank, he saw a startling squid, in the distance, staring, doing nothing but just floating in the empty sea, looking right at him. It's like the this part of the ocean infects the fish, gives them intelligence even.

The boat sank, as Tony lowered into the water, he began losing consciousness. Was this it?
The next day had arrived, Tony was alive! Though, there appeared to be a note on his bedside cabinet, 'The Bermuda Triangle isn't at all a bad place for sea creatures y'know, your pal, Spongebob.'
"Spongebob?" Tony thought, "Who the hell's Spongebob? Hang on, no, it can't be..."


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