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In a matter of months, moviegoers will see Marvel's tiniest hero, Ant-Man, take center stage on the big screen. The movie stars the Paul Rudd as Scott Lang who becomes the new Ant-Man; and with the help of his predecessor Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) they plan a heist that will save Hank's company as well as the world. Though some remain skeptical about this movie, many have warmed up to the blockbuster thanks to Ant-Man's full trailer. While the movie is just two months, there is plenty of room for speculation.

While comic fans and moviegoers will see Ant-Men and a new interpretation of Yellowjacket in this film, there is a crucial character missing in action. That character is none other then Wasp. Thanks to Hank Pym genetically altering her with Pym Particles, Janet Van Dyne gained the powers to shrink and grow wings. Since becoming the Wasp in the comics, Janet has been a major partner for Ant-Man, and she is noted for being among the first Avengers. As most know by now Janet Van Dyne will not be appearing in Ant-Man. Instead we will be getting the character Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) who is the daughter of Hank and Janet. So unless we get a flashback scene, seeing Janet as the Wasp in this movie is unlikely. However, there is still a chance for this heroine to make an impact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I believe the presence of Wasp is very much needed.

For starter, there is the factor that Wasp brings to the stories of Ant-Man. Wasp being a supporting character not only works as a dynamic for the character of Ant-Man, but she brings many elements to the story as a whole. With Hope being the daughter of Ant-Man(Pym) and Wasp, Janet will have impact to the movie's plot. However, let's say Ant-Man is a massive success and gets a sequel. If Wasp does not appear in this upcoming film, then she will have to appear in a future Ant-Man film. So the Wasp character (in some kind of way) will have a role to play in Ant-Man. However this character is not just known for being a supporting character to Ant-Man.

Wasp is not just an important character to Ant-Man but she also plays an important to the Avengers. In the comics Wasp is perceived as the emotional core to Earth's Mightiest Heroes. While I have loved the Avengers in the cinematic universe, it has occurred to me that the group is missing a character to balance out the emotions of the group. This where Wasp could work in future Avengers films. Granted there is no word that either Wasp or Ant-Man will be joining the Avengers. Then again when it comes to Marvel Studios, anything is possible; so there is a chance that Wasp (as well as Ant-Man) could be joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the near future.

So let's assume that Wasp joins the Avengers in the Cinematic Universe. That would be great update for the MCU, but there is one hurdle to worry about. The fact of the matter is that we are dealing with a new character in the form of Hope Van Dyne. The effectiveness Wasp as an Avenger will only work if Hope dons the mantle of her mother; which I think there is a 50/50 chance that she will. So lets say Hope does become the new Wasp and joins the Avengers. Could she be able to fill the role that Wasp is known in the comic? While this depends on Evangeline Lilly's performance and the movie's depiction of the character, I think Hope could be the emotional core for the Avengers; but only if this character keeps true to concepts that make up the Wasp. If she does, then I believe Hope could be effective as the pint sized heroine.

While a depiction can differ from its source, I can only that hope that we will see a cinematic version of Wasp. This character is not just important for Ant-Man, but the Avengers as well. The biggest concern right now is that there have been no hints that Hope Van Dyne becoming Wasp in Ant-Man. However, this is Marvel Studios so anything is possible. If Marvel's track record means anything, then there is a chance that the Wasp will be flying onto big screen one way or another.

Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17th.


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