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So, when I heard about this contest, I immediately thought of the Twins (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from Age of Ultron). I thought of them for two reasons: One they were the best part of AoU in my opinion. And Two, their origins were not thoroughly explained (all we know is that they were experimented on and the Mind Stone has something to do with it). So, with that said, here is my origin story contest entry. I hope you enjoy!

It was completely silent. Darkness filled every corner. The Maximoff twins, Wanda and Pietro, sat quietly in their separate cells.

"Wanda," Pietro asked, "are you awake?"

"Yes," said Wanda. "When do you think Strucker will come around to collect us?"

"I don't know," came Pietro's reply. "Hopefully soon. I don't know how much longer I can wait." Suddenly, a door opened and light flooded back into the room. Wanda and Pietro both turned away from the blinding light until they eventually adjusted to it.

"Get up." A mean looking guard walked over to the cells and unlocked them. The doors swung open with a loud creaking noise. Pietro stepped out of his cell and turned to see his sister being dragged out by the guard.

"Hey! Stop that!", shouted Pietro. "let her go!" He ran over to the guard and grabbed him by the collar. " Don't you ever touch my sister again. You will regret it."

The guard let her go and Pietro immediately bent over to help her up. Both twins looked at the guard with anger burning in their eyes. The guard led them out of the room. They walked down several hallways, down a few up a few stair cases, and eventually into a large room filled with scientists wandering about.

"Ahhhh! There's my favorite volunteers. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time." Baron Strucker stood near a doorway that led to what looked like an interrogation room. "Who will go first?"

"I will," said Wanda.

Pietro turned to her,"No, let me go first. We don't even know if this experiment will work."

"Pietro, I am grateful for your protection, but I will go first."

"Fine." Pietro decides his sister knew what she was doing. He turned to Strucker and nodded.

"All right then. Wanda would you please sit in the chair in that room. My guards will strap you in." She walked confidently into the room and sat in the chair. The guards walked in and fastened the straps tightly around her limbs and torso, pinning her to the chair. "Here is where this gets interesting," Strucker said to Pietro.

"Sir, shall we begin?" The scientist who asked was given a quick nod from Strucker. "All right bring it in!" He shouted. A small group of scientists brought a briefcase and some equipment into the room. When they left, a strange looking scepter with a blue gem was set up in front of Wanda.

"Now," said Strucker. Somebody flipped a switch and the gem glowed brighter and started releasing flashes of energy that shook the whole room. Wanda found herself screaming and crying out of fear. She started remembering all the things that led he to this moment, the bombings, her parents' death, the name Stark on the side of the bomb. All of those memories flooded her mind. And suddenly, it was over.

"My God," gasped Strucker, "She is alive. Quick, get her out and put the boy in."

Pietro watched as her sister was led stumbling out of the room. It was his turn now. The same process ensued and as he was pummeled with energy, he found himself wishing that he could just run away, that he could leave his past behind him and forget, but he couldn't. It ended and he was led out of the room and into his cell.

"Pietro what is happening?" Wanda sounded terrified. " I see what everyone is thinking. How do I make it stop?"

"I don't know," said Pietro, " focus on something." He took a step towards her cell and felt a strange sensation. He felt a wind blow around his body an he smashed into the cell wall. He looked behind him and saw a blue energy trail quickly evaporating in the path that he moved in. "What?" Every step he took was the same. He moved so much faster than he should be able to.

"Pietro what happened to us?"

"I think we have been enhanced. Once we learn to control this, we can get our revenge on Stark."

"Yes, we must begin training." She clenched her fists in anger at Stark. A chair behind her exploded into several pieces. She looked at her hands and saw tendrils of red energy swirling around them.

Strucker walked into the room and stared I awe as the twins tried out their newfound abilities. "Welcome to the age of miracles," he said to himself, "the world won't know what hit it. Hail HYDRA."

So, that is my origin story for the twins! I hope it was enjoyable!


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