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The 2000's have unofficially been dubbed the age of support hero films and I couldn't be happier! The preverbial arms race between Marvel and DC have given viewers some of the greatest movies, super hero and supervillain portrayals ever.

Following a strong showing from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel continues to expand expectations for future movies as it leaps into phase three. DC on the other hand, has two movies coming out in 2016 and has fallen miserably into a distant second. Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad may narrow the gap, but these other two adaptations would completely change the landscape of the battle between the two companies...

Justice League: Doom

In brief, the movie centers around the Justice League and how they deal with information of their secret identities and weaknesses being shared with their foes. I'll spare the details of every aspect of the story, but it's awesome. You can read the entire synopsis here

Batman keeps secret files about all of his teammates in the event that they go rogue and madman Vandal Savage gets hold of the intel. He gathers the foes of each league member and using the intel, sends the villains to incapacitate the JLA. With the league out of the way, he can continue with his nefarious master plan.

Why this storyline?

Cyborg is the hero who makes a large impact in the story and without him, the League likely would've been destroyed. Now, I don't know the storyline of Cyborg's stand alone movie, but this arc would be box office gold.

It provides an African American with a lead role and raises the stakes for hero movies. While watching a movie, you never fear for your favorite hero's life, this movie comes closest to ending the lives of every member of the league. With the tone of DC movies centered around grit and gloom, this story arc would provide a dark, wild and entertaining ride for fans. In the next movie, you can actually kill off every DC hero in a flash...


Flashpoint may be my favorite super hero movie ever. This sounds a bit blasphemous considering that it's an animated movie, leapfrogging presumptive leader The Dark Knight, but hear me out...

Flashpoint ups the stakes higher than any hero movie EVER. Yes, EVER. Multiple heroes are murdered in cold blood and don't come back via some magical elixer, unless you include the conclusion of the story, but I digress...

Avid comic book readers will know the outcome if the story but that's a minor inconvenience, the ride that Barry Allen takes you on is absolutely incredible. When he awakes after a fight with the reverse flash, he realizes that his mother is alive, he no longer has powers and the future is on the brink of a global war. Batman kills heroes, traditional flash villains are now heroes and wonder woman leads a war against aquaman and the atlanteans. He must figure out what went wrong, how to get his powers back, and how to fix things.

The Flash stand alone move will star Ezra Miller and will provide him with the opportunity to make a name for himself with a strong performance in a daring story. Again, the tone flows beautifully with the preceeding films and would provide an explosive box office hit.


DC comics has a plan, the slate of those movies have been mapped out to the year 2020. The writers likely have a specific vision in mind, but these two stories provide the characters an opportunity to shine without being bogged down by origin stories. It also answers the question, "where was (insert hero name here) during (the name of stand alone movie here)?" These films would be mini Justice League movies and would provide DC with the opportunity to capitalize in the popularity of its most popular creations while building the following of lesser known characters. Do you want to see Justice League Doom and Flashpoint come to the big screen?


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