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The Little Babies Ice Cream Creature is an Ice Cream Man. Or is he a man? This is the back story of it, what really happened before that ad was made. (I will call him an a 'he' because it is easier to understand than calling it an it.)

Little Baby Creature was held hostage in prison. He was in his lonely, cold cell looking out the window with the three bars. He put his hands on two of the bars and grasped them tight, screaming out, "RELEASE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", echoing down the streets of Philadephia(the place where Little Babies Ice Cream is) at 3am.

Little Baby Creature never slept at night. He was nocturnal, but instead of sleeping during the day, he hardly slept at all. He was a crazy ice cream man. How he became this ice cream creature is a creepy story and haunts many people today. It was a regular day, 1pm on Friday the 13th, 2012 in July, just months before the Little Babies Ice Cream ad was released. He was an ordinary man who had a job as an ice cream man. He was out in his ice cream truck playing the music, instead of happy music it was heavy metal deathcore screaming on 100% volume which made around 80 people go deaf. When people came up to the truck to get an ice cream, the strawberry sauce was blood and the chocolate sauce was.. Well you can guess. The actual ice cream was ordinary ice cream surprisingly.

He was in the back of his ice cream truck, eating some of his ice cream which he got for free because he owned it, he ate so much that he felt sick. Suddenly the sky turned black and he looked out of the window where the customers order, looking into the sky, "What on mars!" He liked to say mars instead of earth. It started raining heavily and thundering! Several thunderbolts hit the ice cream truck making it shake violently. Screaming was heard from inside.

After the 6 hour storm, he managed to get up. He was feeling rather odd. He looked at his hands and they were... Ice cream. He was ice cream. He hurried out of his truck and saw a sign. It said "666 Philadelphia Route 6".

His ice cream truck was surprisingly not broken after that 6 hour thunderstorm hitting it nonstop, it wasn't broken, but more powerful. It could go as fast as 800 mph.

To this day he drives in his ice cream truck at 800 miles per hour.

Back to him in prison, he managed to escape by gradually eating the wall. When he escaped, people found him and made him star in the Little Babies Ice Cream ad, which was the ice cream he was made of. He eats himself. Until he melts, he dies. Which won't happen for a long time because he has to live in cold areas of the world and stay in a freezer or his very cold cavern home for 8 hours a day. When he eats all of his forehead he gets more Little Baby Ice Cream and puts that on his head.


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