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Everything that could be done legally had been accomplished. Cheating was never an option anyway so now Chad Rockwell had decided that the next thing to do was simply unleash his rping greatness against Captain Excelsior and hope for a clean victory while trying his hardest not to godmode.

Knowing the nature of his opponent, Chad had spent many hours reading all about his moderator foe. That was the easy part because he had so many rp posts to his name. Chad on the other hand had the charisma and very bright intellect required for rping greatness so this would be a most interesting duel of mental wits and summonings.

On the given day, he sent an email to The Avenger Cave with the simple rules both had agreed upon and leaving to to the Cap to choose a neutral extremely secure location that would be able to withstand the extreme might of their unleashed imaginations.

Your move Cap.


Cap was cruising in the Vengercar, having just left the Turbo Cave following the conclusion of the Turbulence assault against the HOI. Corpsewake had been rescued. All was well.


The Vengercommunicator signaled again. Cap pushed the button for the hands-free mode. Safety first...since he was driving.

"Captain," Jarvis said. "We've received a message here in the Vengercave from a Chris...ahem...pardon me...from a Chad Rockwell, concerning some type of challenge. Are you familiar with this individual...and do you have any idea what he is talking about?"

Cap thought for a second. "Rockwell? Rockwell? Isn't that the guy who sang 'Somebody's Watching Me?' Nope, sorry Jarvis, it's not ringing a bell. Just file that message away in the circular cabinet. I'll be home soon. Tell George to fire up the the grill. We're eating in tonight. And let Victrix and Lyssy know I'm on the way home. We still have some things to discuss before they head back to Venus."

Cap clicked off the Vengercommunicator. Speeding back toward the Vengercave...he began humming...

"I always feel like....somebody's watching meeeee....."

"I see Jarvis. Thank you very much for being very cooperative unlike Cap'n Avenger." Sighing Chad closed the interplanar portal then went over to his genetics lab for some deep planning with his robot clones.

"Each of you knows my thoughts and so I do not need to tell you what the plans are again." Activating the shapechanging protocol, the clones turn into Captain Avenger and teleport to the following locations Jormungandr's lair, 5th Precinct, AEGIS headquarters, and yes even Ziggy's Glue Factory where they begin to cause lots of chaos.

"Besmirching his reputation was not at all what I would have wanted to do," Chad thought sadly. "But if it gets his attention sooner, the better off we both will be. I know just how much Captain Avenger prides himself on not letting chaos get to him so this is just right way to poke his vast ego a little bit."

Groaning Chad slowly awakens, body aching in every joint as he cracks an eye open and tries to focus on his seedy surroundings.

The last thing he remembers is hunching over his computer feverishly typing one-handed as the other reaches for his ever-present box of Kleenex... then what seemed like an earthquake hit and everything went black.

Slowly the room swims into focus, torn centerfolds cover the walls, empty pizza boxes and two liter bottles of Mountain Dew cover every available surface. Suddenly a figure comes into view, female, flame dancing around her head and crackling up and down her arms as her wings touch his ceiling. She stands over him looking around with a look of distaste written across her face and as he scuttles backwards across his floor till his back is firmly pressed against the stained wall. Wildly he whips his head back and forth looking for the grandma bot who usually protects him but stops when he hears her begin to speak.

"Welly welly well well, so you're the one who decided to pretend to be Cap to raise some hell and force our hand. Well, you need to be careful what you wish for my little droogie, because sometime wishes come true. Let me introduce myself, my name is Obsidian X and I'm the leader of the Lords of Chaos, you know... Captain Avengers league. Just wanted to drop by and let you know that you got your wish, now you're playing in the Turbo playground. Welcome to the bigtime little one, our fun is just beginning and yours, welllll I kinda think you had your fun already running your little Captain Avenger bots around so now it's our turn. Now one last thing there boyo before I go, get up, change out of those underoos, put on your big boy pants and buckle up and get ready for the most turbulent ride of your life. NO ONE messes with Cap or with Turbulence and gets away with it and we're just getting started..."

"Yes I am not surprised to meet you at all. Pinken Stein has told me lots about you guys and for a very long time I have been very big fans of yours," Chad said with a smile as he prepared for the promised and very much expected beatdown. "Too bad I am more of a thinker then a fighter but oh well. Maybe next time I'll be more ready indeed like if I am lvl 500." Then he easily summoned some more of his clones and vanished into a magical mist. "You may have beat me now, but you will never take me alive!" The room suddenly explodes from highly compressed charges of etherium and as for Chad.... well they say that revenge is best served cold since he has gone to visit some of his allies of himself and Jace the Mindsculptor Beleren and Zerocurew the Dracolich in the planeswalker core which is in the middle of the known Multiverse and only planeswalkers can travel to or summon non planeswalkers to.

Back at the glue factory.......

Fuma Hanzo, freshly recovered from the current strain of the RAGE virus, goes to the glue factory that serves as a cover and financier for their illegal bio-weapons lab. As he moves to the back office that hides the secret door to the ultra secret secret room, he notices a shadow moving in the darkness. He knew this was not one of his own ninja, for they would not be so sloppy. Hanzo draws his sword and swings!

The sound of metal on metal clues Hanzo in to the fact that this Capt. Avenger was a facsimile at best. That and the sparks flying out the side of his head where Hanzo had cleanly sliced off half the robot's face.

As he beat the replica of Capt. Avenger back, Hanzo took the opportune time to land one last strike in a lightning fast kick that sent the mechanical mishap reeling into one of the vats. Unfortunately for Hanzo, the robot grabbed his cloths and pulled the Ninja Lord over with him. With no other choice left to him, Hanzo teleported to safety, leaving his opponent holding an empty ninja suit.

Down below, Hanzo safely reappears in front of the Hanzo Ninja Clan guards who had come running as soon as they had heard the commotion.

Hanzo then leaves to the back office to call Capt. Avenger.

Hey Cap. Got some interesting news for you. Apparently someone is trying to set you up.

"Oh yeah?" Replied Capt. Avenger. "And pray tell why do you so easily forfeit this information?"

"Because," answered Hanzo, "The bastard stole my PANTS"

Your pants wouldn't have fit anyway. My clone was simply doing his job of causing mass chaos. Besides, why would you want me to be your enemy after all when we are supposed to be allies against The Shadow Rogue and Skelanimal?

"New clothing materializes all over Hanzo, custom made to his imagination's specifications."

Now if I was truly wanting to give you guys a bad name I'd have had the factory torched and left evidence implicating the HOI.

As the info keeps pouring inside his current hideout, Chad Rockwell can't help but to smile. Yes the robots are being destroyed but he can always make more of them. With his research almost complete soon he will have downloaded the weaknesses and strengths of every cash toon who does not cheat in the game at this rate.

Turning to his latest models, he really can't help but giggle lots. "Evil genius I most certainly am but what they took for being misinformed I say is merely appearing to be naive while my plot only thickens. Now go forth "Angelic Rogue" and "Skelanimal" to bring the chaos of my insanity to Alky's Training Facility. When I am done with my final models, then I will show all that my rping is most definitely not for jokes but that I am quite simply not in my right frame of mind since escaping from Super Villain City."

As the two latest models disappear via teleportation, he then opens up his secret vault of etherium that with each defeat of his clones only grows more powerful. "Soon very soon your new body shall be completed Dark Lord Yawgmoth. Then we shall show them that Phyrexia has truly come to Super Hero City."

Brr brr

brr brr

The phone was ringing.




"Pink what the feck is this Chad Rockwell guy going on about? He says you've been telling him stuff about us?!"

"Oh hi Obsy? Chad Rockwell? uh.... oh the guy with the Venger-clone-bots running around everywhere? Yeah he wanted to know who in SHC was so evil that only a lunatic would go up against them... so you know I said "Sin". And then he asked who'd be the best person to send up against Sin...well Cap seemed like a good choice there. You know, if you're going to send one person against Sin... never occurred to me he'd be so insane as to attack Cap...."

"Right. OK. What else have you told him?"

"I dunno. He just comes up to me chatting away when I'm out and about. Hitting people, drinking in bars. He just shows up... truth is I think he's a fan of Turbulence. It's all probably some attempt to get our attention. Don't think I've told him anything important... do we have anything important to tell?"

"Good point.... We're Turbulence. We like to hit people. We don't give a monkeys' ass about level and we don't care about win/loss records. No secrets there..."

"Want me to hit him?"

"Well that would be a start. He seems to think he can attack Cap with impunity."

"Yeah yeah. This cult of Cap is just a social structure you know. An attempt to replace the communal belief in religion and the state with a new "messiah" and a new moral code. Cap's just the focus."


"OK! Cap's my friend... people don't hit my friends. I'll go hit Chad.... anything else?"

"Yeah can you pick up some Havanas on your way home? For SOME reason my cigar box is empty..."

"The one you left in the kitchen? * cough * Probably Corpsewake nicked them."

"I'll talk to him. Honestly if stuff isn't nailed down around here it just walks..."

"OK. Bye then."

Pink hung up the phone, lit a cigar and smiled. Then she went to sort out the guy who'd pissed off Obsidian today.

Dr Vermicious woke in his customary seated position. It didn't matter. Every time he fell "asleep" his body dissolved into a pile of wriggling little creatures. As their energy returned over time they joined together again within the aura that was his skin. If he could have he would have vomited at the scene as it played back for him on the video camera he had removed from the studio of a local pornographer. After all, he would have no further use for it. A quick strike a little smoothing and the good people of SHC had another photographer specialising in weddings and children's portraits. He seems to have a really nice way with skintones.

Now that he was fully awake he became aware of noise and discord from the surrounding area. He walked out of his rooftop shack and looked over the parapet of the abandoned whorehouse. Funny how the pimps and johns had stopped hanging around the place. Dr Vermicious had indeed been a busy bunch of worms. In the street were a lot of guys who looked exactly the same. Same old school mask, spandex and shield. They seemed to be heading toward the nicer area of town where the old school superheroes live. His curiosity piqued he dropped into the street and walked up to the nearest.

"Excuse me," he sent "What's going on?" The reply he received surprised him and drove him to his knees (in a way, actually his lower legs collapsed into the familiar wormy mess). "Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee." A modulated electronic squeal hit him like a physical blow. He lashed out with the full force of his being, knocking the thing back and giving himself time to re-arrange his legs. Another four blows saw the thing lying dismembered at his feet. To be honest he had the feeling that his humanity was returning and the first of his emotions to recover was...... mild annoyance.

Looking down dispassionately at the destruction he had wrought, Dr Vermicious spotted something lying in the gloop that had once been a living thing. Picking the sliver of silicon and precious metals out of the mess he inspected it with all his sense. Hm. A bio-mech construct. Too advanced for this world and vaguely familiar. He turned at the sound of air being displaced and narrowly avoided a vicious slash from the shield carrying golem. It took six excessive blows to render the construct. Funnily enough despite the effort expended no ill effects were apparent. None whatsoever. Well, this would need further thought.

He turned and wandered back up the wall to his hovel. More thought indeed.


"Hmm so they have discovered that I am creating golems finally." Chad Rockwell thought about this for a little while. True though it was that golems were not very easy to create in the world of Super Hero City, where Chad was from they were very commonplace indeed. But if his new plans were to have more success he would have to go back to the evil source of his powers for more materials.

"Not a problem at all," he grinned cheerfully. "Mirrodin/ New Phyrexia has all the metals I will ever need and besides Karn and Tezzeret the real masterminds behind etherium can help me create even stronger golem models." Leaving behind magic barriers of soulless Eldrazi Drones to keep out all intruders, he traveled there with Zerocurew under the power of Jace the Mindsculptor Beleren for what seemed like a few seconds but in actuality was a few days.

While there he heard the news that the Phyrexian Invasion had come to a halt because of a new resistance group. According to the rumors, one Mirrodin by name of Melinda had discovered a way to slowly reverse the effects of phyresis, the process of turning living flesh to amalgamated zombie and machine parts.

"This will not do at all so I shall help out by kidnapping her and erasing her memory fully before stranding her here in Super Hero City." That being said, Chad enlisted the help of the infamous Glissa the Traitor to help capture Melinda. Glissa was once a Mirrodin who had helped overthrow the cruel machine tyrant Memnarch. But doing so had caused many of the wisest generation of elders on that fully metallic plane to vanish to the world of Dominaria they had originally been taken from. Glissa however had been captured by Phyrexian troops and turned into one of them. No longer a force of good, she now reigned as one of the evil zombielike generals of the invasion.

Now with her help Chad succeeded in fully brainwashing the helpless Melinda into believing she was his "sister" Jenna Firemage. Now with her and Zerocurew Dracolich by his side, all will feel his wrath soon enough!

Cap got off of the Vengerelevator....taking off his mask and cape, walking toward the kitchen where Jarvis has made a late dinner. As he walked by the study, George was clicking through the channels.

He paused for a moment on SHCN...where the anchorman was talking about a bevy of artificial beings disguised to look like Captain Avenger. They were attempting to wreak havoc in Superhero City. Attempting...because they weren't succeeding very well. Every time one of the constructs appeared it was almost instantly smashed to bits by either a friend of Cap...or a foe.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who was behind the skullduggery. Rockwell! Cap's Vengercommunicator beeped. Pulling it out of his Vengerutility belt...the caller id said it was Hanzo on the line.... He clicked to receive the call...

"Hey Cap. Got some interesting news for you," Hanzo said. "Apparently someone is trying to set you up." "Oh yeah?" Cap replied. "And pray tell why do you so easily forfeit this information?" "Because," answered Hanzo, "The bastard stole my PANTS" Cap stifled a chuckle. "Now...I don't care who you are...that's funny!" He thanked Hanzo for the information and switched the Vengercommunicator off.

Walking into the kitchen, Cap saw his friend and trusted ally. "Hey Jarvis, after dinner, can you look up this Rockwell fella? I have no idea where to find him..but he evidently needs a Vengershield shot upside his head. Maybe that will knock some sense into him." "Of course sir," Jarvis answered. "But first, here is your sandwich." "Ooooohhhh....PB and J," Cap said. Suddenly, Rockwell was all but forgotten. Again.

He found himself on this particular evening sitting quietly in front of the gates that bore the familiar /^A^\ insignia. Legs crossed beneath him, gazing out into the endless mountain ranges and fields that stretched below a sky colored in the deep reds, oranges, violets and blues of the last gasps of the setting sun.

Guard duty was always boring here, nothing ever happened. Most villains wouldn't dare to approach the halls of Aegis, it was simply illogical, insane to do so with all of the mighty heroes that inhabited the sacred mountain its temple sat upon. There was a watchtower he could see anything that might approach from, but he preferred to meet anything that might come head on.

His ears caught sound of something unusual, rhythmic marching with a clanking sound that beat heavily upon the rock. He stood slowly, eyes of pure silver, as bright as the full moon cast ahead attentively. After a few minutes, many figures approached, numbering in the dozens, well over one hundred, led by a single figure in front of them, one that held the visage of Captain Avenger. His eyes sifted to that which would belong to a dragon, now azure in color. He could see every figure standing before him for what it was, a soulless robot and nothing more. The one resembling the good captain spoke in a disgusting monotone, "We have come to destroy your home, Aegis. Stand aside or perish!".

With a smirk, he cracked his knuckles, excitement for something more than another night staring into nothingness presented to him like a well-wrapped gift. Five words escaped his lips with eagerness. "You are welcome to try...".

In an instant, he charged toward the robotic army with a mighty leap, unsheathing a katana nearly longer than his whole body. He came down in the middle of the poorly organized group, cutting down several of them with one mighty swing that knocked back anything in the immediate area not caught by the blade itself in the gust of force that came from it. The entire group started to close in on him, slowly in that same rhythmic march. With a flash, the humongous blade had shifted itself into a shining gauntlet that covered his entire arm, from the newly formed claws at his fingertips, to the winged pauldron on his shoulder, streaks of blue electricity shooting up and down the length of the weapon. He was a master of hand-to-hand combat, preferring to rips his opponents to shreds up close. He possessed a weapon that could change to suit his preference.

He took great pleasure in forcing his claw into each robot, tearing at their servos and circuitry, crushing their heads and seeing their computer brains and oils squirt out from between his fingers. His speed and reflexes were far more than any artificial human could ever expect to handle. Like lightning, he moved from one opponent to the next, dismantling each one in a frightening blur. The entire army was left in a pile of frayed shrapnel and debris within only a minute, all except their fraudulent leader, the wannabe Captain Avenger.

"Feel the wrath of the avenger!" It cried out in its annoying monotone once again, charging toward the warrior of Aegis. in a similar flash that had taken the "lives" of his army, the fake captain found himself lifted high off the ground, neck in the vice-grip of his opponent. "Listen well, whoever sent this heap of trash, and I know you're watching and listening..." said the warrior. "Next time you want to take on Aegis, bring a real army... and lead it yourself so I can rip your soul out of its shell!"

With those words, flames of the deepest, darkest black surrounded his body, surging through the gauntlet and finally covering the body of the fake avenger. Slowly the metal body began to melt, the warrior staring intently into the eyes of the robot that served as cameras leading back to its creator. First the skin, then it's artificial muscles, nerves, and metal bones melted away into a liquid puddle, until all that was left was the shell of the head and the neck the warrior held onto. He dropped it to the ground, preserving this last piece of the robot so he could send one final message.

"Oh, the name is BlackFire. Don't forget it..." With those final words, a foot smashed what was left of the fake Captain Avenger flat.

A minute later, the gates of the great hall opened, The Wanderer came walking forward to take his turn at guard duty, eyes scanning the carnage that lay all around BlackFire, likely analyzing facts and figures as fast as the metallic army had been torn apart. "So..." Wanderer spoke after a few moments. "what was this all about? Everything alright?"

"It's taken care of", BlackFire replied. "Have no idea what it's about. "One of them looked like Cap though..." "Captain Avenger?" "Yeah." "Interesting. Looks like someone is up to no good... that or it's a bad joke. I think the juniors could have beaten these sad things..." BlackFire shrugged "Probably. Enjoy the evening, maybe they'll send a batch of toys for you to play with." He walked toward the gate lifting his left hand in a waving gesture, not looking back as he entered the temple. Wanderer arched a brow toward BlackFire.

"What, not gonna help me clean up?" "Figured you'd want to analyze it or something. Have fun!" Blackfire disappeared into the temple. "Hm, fair enough..."

"Jenna Firemage" now walks the city streets by herself under the watchful eye of a few invisible golems totally unable to be sensed by any forms of technology or magic known to this city. What she thinks so far has been her unknown powers defeating all who have come against her have been the golems themselves.

"Bait has been set," Chad Rockwell thought to himself pleasantly. "Now who will be the first to befriend this new addition to the world and my newest ally unknown even to themself? Unlike with Zerocurew, I shall let her fend for herself and make her own acquaintances here as I manipulate her memories again before I begin to help her regain the memory I stole of her innocence on Mirrodin."

Meanwhile Chad would pester Captain Avenger even more as he sent a computer virus into the Vengercave to hack all communications and prevent him from being able to receive or send further messages to his allies in Turbulence: Lords of Anarchy.

As Cap slept, the Vengercomputer anti-virus and firewalls easily dispatched of the virus that was sent to infect the Vengercave's systems. You don't get to be a billionaire, genius, philanthropist, playboy superhero without learning a few tricks. Cap rested well, knowing that the Vengercave's systems were impregnable...and could easily withstand any cyber attack.

Anyone who said otherwise about the Vengercave's defenses was clearly living in a fantasy world. "Very nice. Security is definitely going to be tough to crack." Chad grinned. It was time to bring in the professional [email protected] While he prepared to summon him, Chad decided to check up on how the clone of Zerocurew was doing in Athens. "Hmm the titans were too easy with the training regiment I have him on. Guess this means he is doing very well indeed for now. But I think Tokyo will prove to be a big challenge if he does not get new abilities soon."

Hearing the message from Blackfire, Chad smiled. "It is nice to see that AEGIS has very good watch around their headquarters. Must remember to upgrade stealth capabilities so that the bots are harder to see and hear in all spectrums used in this world."

Heading back to his laboratory, Chad thought perhaps about making a clone of "Sin" but decided against it. "That would be going way too far and I have been very lucky not to be banned yet so I will not press my luck again yet for awhile."

Fuma Hanzo jumps up from where he was sitting. Excited, he nearly knocks over the high tech surveillance computer that connected him with his multitude of spies across SHC. Quickly he ran out from the super secret secret room, through the office, and out into the hall that led to the glue factory. Suddenly he slams full force into Ziggy Stardust, causing both to collide with the floor. Quickly regaining his feet, Ziggy offers a hand to his old man and pulls him up.

"What's the rush Dad?" he asked as Hanzo started off back down the hall towards the exit. "My spies have located the Avenger Bot factory! They just reported in with some important information!"replied Hanzo.

"The location of the perpetrator?" asked Ziggy. "No son. That Aegis has a really nice watch somewhere around their headquarters. Do you think it has diamonds?"

[Hearing the message from Blackfire, Chad smiled. "It is nice to see that AEGIS has very good watch around their headquarters. Must remember to upgrade stealth capabilities so that the bots are harder to see and hear in all spectrums used in this]

I awoke with a start. Yes. I. Control is all, control of self is first. Where had I heard that? Never mind. My thinking on the Chad problem was over, along with the various scenarios played out during my little worms down time. Now, time to sort this out. I walked out and hopped over the parapet, delighting in the feel of my feet squashing and reforming. I could have just floated down but where is the fun in that. Fun? What am I thinking? How come I'm feeling again?

"We decided it was better you recovered your humanity, better to understand them, better to deal with them." Voices in my head. The last thing I need. "No," came the reply, "Exactly what you need. How else can we communicate with you? We have a lot of time and energy invested in you, not mention millions of our children. How are they by the way? Lost any? Need a top up?"

"Who are you? What are you? What am I? Why did you do this? Why am I here?"

All of the above streaked through my thoughts and brought back a feeling of amusement, not mine but that of the ....What? "What can I call you?" Again the feeling of amusement. "Mommy would do. Or Daddy. Whatever you feel like. It will be neither appropriate nor inappropriate. It doesn't matter." "OK. I shall call you Bob. Is that OK?" "That'll be fine. Now get on with it."

"Bob?" No answer. Ah well. Let's see to Chad. I walked towards the point my sense told me was the spot where Chad was to be found. Walking? No. My mind stretched a bit and I found myself in a large room, luxurious, walls paneled in dark oak and lined with library shelves weighed down with objects, books, scrolls: the usual paraphernalia of a low level magician. Chad turned and smiled. He walked away from the view which I realised wasn't a window but some sort of large scrying glass. Unusually it was attached to a very modern looking control panel, rather reminiscent of a studio mixing panel (More memory! I'll have to check this out later). He walked toward me and stuck out his hand.

"Dr Vermicious I presume. Or do I call you Snip?" I ignored the hand and he clasped it with his other and rocked back on his heels. "Etiquette not within your memory yet? Never mind. You don't really matter." I closed the space swiftly and grabbed him by the throat. Squeezing hard. Enjoying it. He gurgled his amusement and attempted to teleport away into another plane. Where I still had hold of his throat. The amusement turned to horror as he realised what had happened. As long as I maintained contact I could go wherever he did. My other hand came round in a stunning blow.

Then smooth. A practised motion. Mischief gone from his mind, no evil, strange. Chad shook his head and smiled. "You really thought me evil? Not really, just bored. Desperate for some sort of challenge. You might just be it." He knocked my hand away before I could recover from the confusion. As he disappeared I caught his last whispered thought. "Say hello to Bob, won't you?" Gone for now but he'll be back. But who or what is LOKI? More puzzles dragged from a strange and twisted mind. Ah well there's always next time.


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