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When I first discovered Suicide Squad I thought the whole idea behind it was just sick. Elite criminals chosen to form a team; if they didn’t like it you could kill them with the press of a button. No heroes, just the worse of the worse being cut loose to do what they do best on your terms under threat of death.


I always wondered who I would choose to be my team, MY Suicide Squad. I looked at what’s out there and decided on these characters to complete the following mission:

Rescue VIP hostages from a heavily secured compound within a hostile nation off the Horn of Africa. Combat strength of the enemy is high; expect to engage against 100+ soldiers armed to the teeth. Mission support consists of one UAV Drone and one MH-30 for extraction once the hostages are secured.

Now, you can choose FIVE characters from the DC universe that are on the wrong side of the law. My five is chosen from the CW universe since we've seen them on-screen but you can choose whomever you want so long as it makes sense.

By this I mean I ain’t choosing loose cannons like the JOKER, unless you choose to say “screw it” and send your team in guns blazing. Of course you will run the risk of the hostages being killed well before your team gets to them. Bye hostages, bye team. BOOM!

For my five I want tactical gravitas on the battlefield since any team will be up against more than 100 armed soldiers. You can expect RPG’s, AK-47’s, and even suicide bombers thrown at you. I want swift and silent but that’s just me.

I chose AL-SAHIM, Wareeth Al-Ghul himself to be my team leader. Since being reprogrammed, Oliver Queen’s inner baddie has been a sight to see, possibly more likable than the hero. It really shows how awesome The Arrow is when you strip away all that creamy goodness and get to the raw killer at his core. Proficient in hand to hand combat, assault weapons, and an above average tactical mind, the heir to the Demon makes the perfect leader to command my team on the field.

The ROGUES are also perfect for my team. Yea, they’re all about their guns but there is so much more to them than the weapons; one half criminal genius-one half balls to the wall badness. If you need to hold back a flood of enemy reinforcements coming at you, these are the two you want to get the job done.

That’s three so far, the next two were hard for me to choose. With that many guns going up against you there needs to be an equalizing factor. Someone to keep the odds in your favor during the entire engagement against 100 plus armed militants who snort gunpowder and angel dust for their morning wake-up; but I got the answer for that.

Damn skippy! I thought about all the powered characters in the CW universe that I could have chosen, but none can bring what Eobard Thawne has. He’s a GOD on the field, able to sway the battle in the right direction. The REVERSE FLASH is the TIP of the spear and anyone who says otherwise is bugging out. His power combined with the mind of a genius is such a threat that containment of him alone for this mission would require a herculean effort of whit and technology. He’s a force of nature, a weapon of mass destruction and perfect for my team.

Of course any tactical unit sent into battle will need an overwatch; someone to cover your back. There were three characters that I debated on using, but only one that truly made sense.

Who better to watch your back than DEATHSTROKE; under all that armor and mental madness still resides an elite soldier within. Deadly with long range rifles and even deadlier in close quarters combat. He can engage a small army just by himself if you would cut him loose.

I almost included the Weather Wizard in the Reverse Flash’s spot and I really wanted to go with Malcolm Merlyn for team leader before AL-Sahim came into being, but I am confident this team would get the job done. They’re just the right balance of strength and knowledge for my Suicide Squad team to send into battle.

So now I throw the ball to you! Choose FIVE baddies to form your version of the SUICIDE SQUAD and share them in the comments below! BE ORIGINAL, don’t choose any of the current movie lineup- mix it up. Choose DC baddies from the CW, FOX, or Comic universe and have fun with it friends!


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