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Previously on Path to Power...

Chad Rockwell had set in motion a plan to discredit Captain Avenger through the use of golem clones to spread chaos and distractions throughout Superhero City. However though the plan failed to do more then send Turbulence members mainly after Chad with vengeance on their minds for the most part.

Time is now less then two months later and a new plan is being formed. Who will be the new targets and what exactly is the meaning behind "Phyrexia" in Superhero City? Stay tuned for a new episode.

Chad Rockwell was slowly putting the finishing touches on his newest creation. A clone yes but not of any hero like last time. After years of researching and months of development on Mirrodin/New Phyrexia it was time to restore the Dark Lord Yawgmoth, The Machine God of Phyrexia to life finally. Yawgmoth: a name whispered with fear in the former planes of Dominaria, Rath and other places centuries ago ravaged by his hordes of zombie and machine followers and minions. Billions were slain to bring about his wondrous plans for planar conquest but in the end it had been the work of the (expletives deleted) Gerrard Capashen and Urza Planeswalker along with the forever cursed Legacy that had sent him into a long sleeping coma and deprived him of much of his godlike powers. However his spirit had never fully been destroyed and over time he had send dreams through many planes of existence hoping to gather new "Seekers" to find and restore him to his former glory.

Chad Rockwell at one point long ago in his innocent days would never have succumbed to such dark powers. In fact for a long time he had sought to stop evil even during his beginning years as a recruit of the legendary Team Rocket. But gradually over time darkness had begun to build up inside from his fights and now he knew why. Yawgmoth's spirit had slowly been infusing him with power while burning away his goodly scruples and morales. There was only one way to stop this evil from taking full control and thus the need to resurrect Yawgmoth in a new physical body. Unknown to all but his ally/sometime foe Zerocurew the Dracolich, Chad had discovered a way to charge etherium and darksteel with power subtly drained off his foes in fights during recent years and months. It was an accidental discovery indeed, but for Chad it was the beginning of a long dimmed rekindled spark of hope inside. If all was to succeed, sacrifices would still have to be made and soon for the secret vaults in Ice Ray Academy containing Yawgmoth's new golem body would not long hold out against public discovery. An extremely rare gemstone called Carcarot was all that was needed to bring all the systems into active mode and thus Chad and Zerocurew now begin a difficult quest to retrieve this gemstone material from Sin's City itself.

You can use me. But if you paint me in a less than Sinful nature I'll pull your plug and punt your puppy so damn far the NFL will have no choice but to bring me on as a consultant. You will not regret this oh evil one indeed. It shall be a great honor and privilege to show all others you are still evil indeed.

Sin had been watching closely the activities of this villainous duo of low leveled characters and their desire to spread chaos and mayhem in his name. But could he trust them to do what so many of his other minions had failed to accomplish? There was only one way to find out... a test of sorts.

A messenger of Sin soon arrived at Ice Ray Academy. Chad Rockwell and Zerocurew the Dracolich were to retrieve a certain artifact of power last seen in The Final Directive. Failure to do so would result in a most agonizing death for Chad and for Zerocurew subsequent banishment and removal from existence permanently. They accepted the challenge and went forth... into Super Villain City again...

St Joan watches.... Sin sending people out in search of artifacts full of his power?"Oh no not again" she groans, holding her head in her hands....

Entering the portal provided by the crazy genius Dr. Fulkherth, Chad and Zerocurew went looking for the truly evil genius Dr. Argon. According to rumors Chad had heard during his incarceration there, Dr. Argon was the one who dealt with all artifact smuggling in Super Villain City. They had not traveled too far when some of his flunkies stopped them in their tracks. "No one sees the doctor without an unlawful appointment." Zerocurew grinned evilly and sent them flying straight into a toxic waste dump.

Rex sits at home with his deck of cards, playing a ccg with one of his friends. Suddenly he exclaims,"AHA! I summon.........."

"Chad Rockwell! Go forth my minion and destroy! Wreck havoc! Rape the villages and pillage the women!"

OOC: My character is not a rapist. I do carve out my own paths of destruction but according to the rules of my own game 'Rex. But I am enjoying the fact that you seem to think you can predict everything I am going to do, especially since all my actions since creating this thread have been completely spur of the moment. But time for the evil to return.

When the flunkies pulled themselves out of the dump, they were a lot more respectful indeed toward Chad and Zerocurew. "Dr. Argon foresaw your return but he simply wanted to test to see just how mean you both had become. You may now go visit him but do take care. He has been expecting you but there may be more on the line then an artifact more powerful then Amulet of the Legion."

Chad smiled at their last words. "Unlike last time, I am in a mood to negotiate with the doctor concerning his vast ego. This time I have brought him something he has long wished for indeed. The secret to becoming as powerful a boss as Shaitan himself if he has the item we seek." Zerocurew slowly opened up a small pouch and lifted out a vial containing a secret substance. "Dr. Argon please show yourself. We have here the formula and the proof that solid to liquid etherium and darksteel alloy does exist according to the email you sent previously requesting more information then word of mouth alone."

A few seconds later Dr. Argon walked out of the shadows with a few of his personal mutant bodyguards in tow. "Chad Rockwell and Zerocurew the Dracolich, you do realize I'll have to examine the formula completely to test that it is truly that bit of last research required for my final transformation into a Elite 2 boss more powerful then The Shadow Lord. While I do so, in turn I shall let you both examine this most delicate piece of evil craftmanship I discovered shortly after being cast down to this insane city." Taking a bulky clothed object out of the hands of his nearest bodyguard, Dr. Argon and Zerocurew exchange items. "As promised this is the Bloodstone Foundry. It can restore the powers of any who were once evil back to their full prime , even if they might have lost memories. All that is required is to have a corrupted longing to do only evil."

Here is a description of the Bloodstone Foundry. Made out of crystallized ever boiling human blood it continually pumps out a regenerating evil mist that surrounds all who use it in an aura of neverending wickedness. Side effects of misuse can include the following: massive psychic or physical trauma as you use it longer, hallucinations, feelings of grandeur and immortality and a small chance of instant death from arcane forces.

Following their meeting with alien supervillian Dr. Argon, Chad Rockwell and Zerocurew decided to come up with an evil stratagem to fool him into believing the serum they had brought would allow Dr. Argon to overthrow the dreaded Shadow Lord and become an ultimate boss. "Zerocurew, we may have to create a magical illusion through use of subtle hypnosis." Chad telepathically said to the undead dragon lich (dracolich) who was his former nemesis but now a valuable ally. "This will be an interesting challenge indeed." "Yes Chad, due to his highly advanced humanoid mental capabilities, Dr. Argon will require our greatest efforts."

Suddenly Jace the Mindsculptor Beleren , Chad's patron as well as Zerocurew's bodyguard, appeared before them. "Do not fret my friends. I will grant you the ability you require. But know that all power comes at a price. The Bloodstone Foundry you have been presented with is the genuine article. With it, the eternal evil Sin shall regain that which was lost. Now then, what are you willing to give up to fulfill your quest?" For several minutes Chad and Zerocurew thought it over. Finally they decided what to sacrifice. "I am willing to forsake all good and become a foul villain in the secret villains guild Ghost Nation," Chad proclaimed. "I shall forsake looking human in appearance when not in my true form," Zerocurew said in his undead rattling voice.

"Very well. Listen carefully. For this ability to work, Spellfire and Chad's Bloodcurse must be combined extremely cautiously in the nuclear waste facility here in Super Villain City. Once that has occurred temporarily you will be able to read Dr. Argon's thoughts. He believes you two are bumbling buffoons but you both can prove him wrong. To show you that everything will turn out well I will let you gaze into the future that has not yet come to Super Hero City. Now look and behold!"

Jace then showed them a vision of the city a few months from then. They watched as Sin helped overthrow those who had robbed him of his great power and memories. They also bore witness to the rise of a brand new league of darkness within Ghost Nation itself. "This league will be under your control Chad. But for these things to happen Sin can not be allowed to lose the foundry to the forces of good. For this reason only, you must allow HOI to take posession of it until the time is right. This shall be the signs of the time. Sin will again take over the city and overthrow its puppet of a mayor. The infamous Doc Zwiggle and the Chameleon will not claim the title of Best Villains 2012. Now go forth and bring a new age of evil to this universe!" Then Jace vanished into the Aether between the worlds.

OOC: I forgot how much of a badass I used to be until i saw this. I got neutered somehow, taken back a notch. I allowed Sin to become part of the system, part of what was "ok" in peoples eyes. No more. i will use this as part of my final Sin form. Molterion will be turned. Chaos will once again return to the streets of SHC, not tyranny. Chaos. Ahh, inspiration. I needed it. I have it. thank you...

After Jace disappeared into thin air, Chad Rockwell and Zerocurew brainstormed for a few days in secrecy trying to figure out the best way to combine their separate innate abilities into what was required of them. They knew far better then most magic users the dire consequences should it fail. Super Villain City would be blown away in halves as a result of the nuclear waste blazing out of control!

Slowly the process began as Chad began to cast minor spells at Zerocurew. As these were reflected with the dracolich's Spellfire, Chad felt his bloodcurse slowly awakening. It was a time consuming process that would last for several days as he had not allowed it to go out of control in many long years. However due to his training he was prepared to change to his Animagus form if it proved necessary to keep his powers from going out of control.

A simple explanation of the Bloodcurse will now be given. Listen carefully for this will not be repeated again. When Chad or any of my other characters thus afflicted begin to feel extremely stressed out they will randomly begin transforming into people or creatures he has met over the years. Unlike The Chameleon's/ Fumas Hanzo's ability though Chad remains in control of his thoughts the entire time. This curse's nasty side effect is that every time the afflicted transform they lose ten years of their natural lifespan. This loss of life is permanent.

A red light began to slowly play over Super Villain City. All those it touched began to lose their minds in an endless rage of anger. Fighting began breaking out everywhere as the power of War was slowly unleashed from the Nemesis Star as it poured through from the dimensional portal connecting this realm and Super Hero City.

The light came to the Nuclear Waste Facility and began to pour into the area where Chad and Zerocurew were casting deadlier spells at each other. They both had known that this was the only way that Chad's Bloodcurse would effectively activate but to what new form he might change into was anyone's guess. Suddenly Zerocurew sensed the presence of the light. He tried to warn Chad but a huge explosion filled the area with the scent of brimstone. Chad's bloodcurse had transformed him into Errtu the Balor!

Errtu is some twelve feet tall, covered in red scales, with a large pair of bat-like wings and a tail, and is frequently described as having a horned, ape-like head and a canine maw. When he's in the throes of lust for power, he drools an acidic saliva. Errtu's voice is gravelly, guttural, and harsh. He is the ruler of a layer of the Abyss characterized by the growth of giant mushrooms, and even has a throne carved into the stalk of one. In battle, Errtu usually uses a many-tailed whip of flame, a sword of lightning, and his considerable magic, wits, and demonic strength.

But wait, what was this? The wave of magic was not done yet. It filled the area and began to coalesce with a huge pool of waste that had been there for a year perhaps. Evil began to awaken in it as it came to live. "I am Sludge and this city shall be mine!"

A few weeks after the riots have begun at the same time as his clone transferred into a less volatile and hostile version of himself, Errtu the Traitorous Balor has been summoned from Super Villain City back to Super Hero City to help save "Robin D Hood" aka Rex The King of Thieves by his patron. This is but a few lines of their brief one-sided conversation.

Momentarily the scent of brimstone fills the air as the real Errtu the Traitorous Balor appears on the scene temporarily. "You have a very determined patron somewhere who will not take no for an answer," he growls angrily at "Robin". "Hold on a second this could be rather painful. Grinning maliciously, he unleashes a tiny amount of hellfire from his demonic self just enough to cauterize his wounds. "When next we meet, simply remember that as my name implies I am liable to switch from ally to enemy at any given time. Now I must return to Super Villain City to continue with the aid of Zerocurew the Dracolich to stop the ongoing continuous riots that have been going on since the last recorded event in "Path to Power 2." So far we have not yet encountered any of the Lords of Sin but they are a deceitful lot of conniving fiends who for all I know be attacking a different location that above all others must be kept as secret as the TurboCave my magical clone was at for the party a few months earlier. Now I must return."

With that he was about to return to where he had been but the TurboCave security had been activated and within a few minutes the Super Cops had him fully surrounded. Knowing his clone had by now returned to the magical essence from which it had been formed and extremely certain that very few of those in SHC knew of the ongoing threat to it from the "Nemesis" Star, he decided it was the better part of prudence for now simply to surrender rather then to leave a lot of angry law officials suing him for medical damages.

Pink wandered through a few hours later, coffee cup in hand. "Oh hi Robin... what are you doing here?" "You fecking stabbed me remember? With this sword?" "You're not still going on about that are you?" Pink huffed. "YOU STABBED ME WITH A SWORD AND SEVERED MY SPINAL COLUMN!! YES I'M STILL GOING ON ABOUT IT!! What happened to that plaster you were getting me anyway?" "Oh was that what I went into the kitchen for? I'd forgotten. I got distracted by the food.... and the coffee... want some coffee? You don't seem to be bleeding anymore by the way..." "Errtu cauterized the wound... but he left before I could get him to pull the sword out." Pink looked puzzled. "You're a shape shifter... why didn't you just rearrange your molecules so they were outside the sword?" "Ohhhhh...." Robin D Hood winced "Never thought of that." "Ok. Well... come get some coffee in the kitchen when you're done there." Pink shrugged and walked away again.

As the Super Cops cautiously took Errtu away to a specialized cell inside one of top secret holding facilities, he patiently awaited to see who would dare come to question him. Soon enough one of the psychoanalysts came into his cell. "Hmm you always seem to have a knack for requiring my appearance when dealing with these technology reliant mortals," the shrink says with a smirk on his face. "Jace you scoundrel! I thought you were going to lie low after what Dr Vermicious and Bob put you through?"

The infamous planeswalker laughs at such a low underestimation of his abilities. "Really Errtu you should know me far better then that by now. After all if not for my help, neither you or your other characters including myself would have even traveled from the land of Faerun to the modern futuristic world of Superhero City via way of the transdimensional magical gateway powered by my magic, the Abyss and the power of Lloth herself. It is because of that very gateway that I am here."

"Yes I remember how me and my other cloned siblings were awakened long ago," Errtu says in Chad's voice slowly. "Not only were you freed when The Abyss came to the human world, but the drow were unleashed as well. However that will have to wait another time to be discussed. What about the gateway is so important right now Jace?"

"The Lords of Sin have discovered its existence Errtu," Jace said simply. "At first they thought The Abyss was merely a side-effect of their own nefarious powers going haywire when they fought the Foundry a few months earlier. However when the Nemesis Star's light caused your current bloodcurse form to activate and caused the supervillains and demons to go crazy with feelings of conquest, it affected the gateway much differently. Now it is draining LLoth of her powers and the Drow have grown rebellious. Jaden and Jayariel Drillowup have had to forge an alliance to keep the populace of Mezzoberran from tearing itself to shreds since the magic hit the city. It will be soon required that the Superheroes of this city learn of the existence of Mezzoberran and the Abyss for I sense many great innovators and thinkers alike who possibly could find a way to reverse this drastic change. But you have very little time indeed. When the current year ends, the gateway will be sealed off permanently and all travel back and forth between the past and present timestreams via magic will be halted for human, drow and demons alike. You will have to meet with the leaders of the most powerful groups of heroes and villains in this city. Tell them however you are able to but do not allow any to know the Bloodstone Foundry is the key to removing the Gateway from this dimension. Otherwise Sin will not be able to use it to gain his ultimate form."

Zerocurew the Dracolich was having a great time in Super Villain City. With Errtu the Traitorous Balor no longer there to keep him under control, he had reverted back to being his Chaotic Evil self again and was having fun defeating the scum trying to break out and using his Staff of Power to keep them from dying so he could gain even more enjoyment out of adding to their already obscenely high medical bills. Sure Dr. Argon had not yet been dealt with, but Zerocurew was getting stronger all the time and looking rather forward to gaining the ultimate power promised to him by Lloth.

Sure the gangs there were pretty numerous, but Zerocurew had his own tricks for quelling the masses intent on trying to stop him. Currently he was employing a favorite ability of using razor sharp spears of bone from his own hard body to impale the bounty hunters who seemed to not understand that one simply does not put a $55,000,000,000.00 amount on one who has lived and died and risen again in undeath and expect them to die so easily again.

However he had sensed a few months the presence of an old enemy returning to Super Hero City and because of this he wanted to finish his current task before they could get strong enough to defeat him. However this would require a degree of manipulation of a certain person, in this case even more notorious then the Boss, and he was looking rather forward to it. To that end he had set up his home in the ruins of the nuclear plant after Sludge had demolished it. That pile of toxic waste sure had a nasty attitude and for once Zerocurew was glad that in his current form he did not suffer from weaknesses such as poison. He had watched it up lots of those who had tried to kill it and with each new victim, Sludge had only grown meaner, uglier and bigger too until currently he was the size of a midsize city block..

OOC: I normally try very hard not to kill off any of my created rp characters ever but this hopefully will satisfy the demands of the angry mob of players calling for my final death and removal from this game. So for all of you, sit back relax and watch because I am going to literally stretch my imagination to the limits of nongodmoding.

Jenna Firemage had come to a decision. Solely she was going to go to Sin's City and confront her personal demon Zerocurew the Dracolich. While she was not afraid of death, she did decide to leave a note for Acidburn telling her of this plan and please asking her not to come help out. This was a fight she intended to go at by herself.It was a very long journey and along her way she saw more and more corruption in the world as monsters of legend and even gods themselves attempted to stop her. She was defeated many times but each time she went and trained her magic and physical strength over and over again until she defeated them. From Las Vegas all the way to The Nexus she went all the while gathering information on her foes known abilities and such.

Zerocurew was aware that she approached but gave very little thought to thinking that perhaps she was strong enough to defeat him. He had no idea that Jenna now possessed the Omega Ring and the other upgraded abilities from Catalyst Labs. This was going to be the last mistake he ever would make in this story only, but he had a few tricks of his own. He called forth from Mezzoberran the drow warriors Jaden and Jayariel Drillowup to Sin's City. "It has been many months since your race came with me and the then Chad Rockwell through the portal into The Abyss and from there to this world," he told them in his undead voice. "I will release to Lloth the power she requires to remove all memory of this world from your minds and return all of your race and your city back to the world you originally came from. In return I ask that you destroy the one called Jenna Firemage because she will lead the other heroes to your city and begin the extermination of your people since they are not considered to be good enough for this world's standards."

Meanwhile Sorin Markov detected a huge disturbance in the balance of good vs evil from his temporary home in the sewers of Superhero City. He could sense Zerocurew was making plans to destroy someone but when Sorin tried to read the mind of the hero he was very shocked. It was his long lost mortal sister Jenna Firemage. Knowing that she would be unable to defeat the elite warriors by herself, Sorin teleported there with Jace and the healers Rhys and Orrim but arrived almost too late. Jenna had killed off Jaden but Jayariel and her both lay almost motionless on the ground covered in massive wounds, the ground covered in what looked like a lake of red blood. As the healers desperately tried to save them both, Sorin and Jace went after Zerocurew himself. "For too long now I have allowed your evil to run free," Sorin said to Zerocurew as Jace used his powers of trickery to temporarily return the dracolich to his forsaken human form. "In the past I was against confronting you in direct combat as Chad Rockwell and again as Errtu the Traitorous Balor because of your Spellfire ability. However I believe the only way to drive the evil from myself that spawned your creation is to sacrifice myself fully and in this way only can all the evil I have committed be repented from hopefully."

Zerocurew laughed while inwardly he was scared deeply. In his new form, Chad had gained immense new powers and he knew he only had one chance. "So be it Sorin Markov but if I am going to die, then I'll be taking all of your family and friends from your school with me." That being said, he mentally detonated a long ago hidden bomb directly inside of the secret vault. This was no ordinary bomb but was created from massive amounts of magic and technology fused together in secret since the death of Shadow Rogue and Skelanimal. Upon exploding, this bomb totally obliterated the school and everyone in it and created a huge wormhole in space and time that began slowly pulling the rest of Superhero City into the plane of Innistrad.

As Sorin realized exactly what Zerocurew had done he used all his power to create a barrier that would hopefully prevent the city from being pulled into the wormhole. This weakened him considerably and gave Zerocurew the chance he needed to call upon his mistress Lloth , Spiderqueen of the Drow and his master Jacob the Demon. "I know you did not get the powers you wanted in the past," he said to her. "But here are two planeswalkers that should sate your ambition for great power." Lloth was pleased with these two offerings. She was about to attack Sorin first when Jace intervened by creating several clones of Sorin to distract her attention from the real one. No longer having to be a patron because of Errtu becoming a 'walker, Jace had not been able to use his powers much in recent months. However Sorin was his friend and that was all the incentive he needed. Knowing full well that without the dagger that Jaden had used long ago to summon her to the modern world, Jace used his power of telekinesis to wrest it from the drow's corpse and flung it into the wormhole.

"No!!!!" Lloth screamed as she saw what was happening. Franticly she tried using her spiderlike body to quickly weave a net to catch it but the dagger was too close to the hole by now and the gravitational pull was simply too massive for her to overcome. Thinking quickly, Lloth used her remaining powers to bring Mezzoberran up to the surface and the current of time began to distort between the magical dimension gate there and the wormhole close by. Slowly the great city of the Drow began to be sucked into the tunnel to Innistrad. As Lloth desperately tried to save her subjects, Sorin and Jace grabbed Zerocurew and tossed his struggling form into Innistrad. However this weakened them fully and they were pulled inside too along with Mezzoberran and Orrin, Rhys, Jenna, Jacob the Demon Lloth, and Jayariel. The magic of their combined abilities plus the gateway itself Lloth had created was too much and the wormhole imploded. Not a trace was left of these heroes and villains as they were gone permanently.

The End.


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