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Our story goes back to when Pikachu was still a mere Pichu. It was a bright sunny day in Johto and Pichu was out playing with his best poke-pal - an Aipom - down by MooMoo farm on Route 39. As you may know, wild Tauros and Milktank roam free in the tall grass, towering over the tiny Pokemon. What you may not know is, these cow-like Pokemon are afraid of Weedles and Beedrills, all it takes is for one wild Weedle to appear and it can create a full-on stampede. However, on that particular day, the daily stampede was a little deadlier than usual. For this stampede didn't just cause the destruction of a few barns, but also the end of Pichus childhood.

As the usual raging stampede of hooves and horns headed towards MooMoo farm's fences, the two poke-pals ran for cover towards the woods. Even though everyone had heard the rumours of brutal trainers that can be found there, Pichu was so scared that he didn't give it a second thought. Neither of the pair realized where they were until the angry sound of the stampede started to sound like a storm in the distance. At this time, it was starting to get dark and it was too late to turn back. Pichu wouldn't admit it back then, but he was pretty scared, the bell tower of Ecruteak city in the distance added to the creepy vibe of dusk. That's when he noticed Aipom was being awfully quiet, he looked at his friend - who was frozen solid, looking up at the sky - suddenly he heard a screech above them, all he saw was a pair of sharp razor-like claws heading down towards him and everything went blank.

Pichu woke up to a cold chill the next morning, with nothing but a gloomy blue mist all around. To this day we don't know how long the poor Pichu was trapped inside this desolated state, but what we do know is that when the time came for him to escape it would traumatise him forever.

First came the sound of a click and then out of nowhere Pichu was projected into the air and hit the ground with a thud. As the light started to glare through what seemed like the tallest trees around, all that could be seen was a tall manlike figure leaning against a tree infont of him. Silence fell as the wind stopped blowing. A groaning sound came from a few feet behind him, he swung round to see who or what it was. His mouth dropped, he couldn't believe his eyes, a very weak and battered pokemon stepped out of the grass. It was Aipom, his poke-pal, or at least what was left of him.

"Pichu use thunder shock" ordered a very deep voice from over his shoulder. Pichu couldn't attack his friend, he can't attack his friend. Yet, he felt the urge too fight. Why ? Why did he want to attack his friend ? Was this a reaction to the blue mist ?

During his struggle with inner demons, Aipom turned and ran. That's when a pokeball flew out of nowhere and just missed Aipom's tail as he dived behind a bush. Suddenly Pichu felt a rage boiling inside him as he turned towards the rough looking man, staring him in the eyes, as his own started to tear up. "What are you looking at !?" yelled the stranger as his face started to go red. Poor Pichu couldn't move, he was struck by fear and anger all at once. A cloud shifted in the sky and a ray of sun shot down from above. For the first time he could see the stranger in his full attire, he had long brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing pristine white clothes. A frown appeared on the mans face as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pokeball. "Ok, fine ! Get back in your ball !" he ordered as a beam of light shot out of the ball towards Pichu. With a quick dash to the left Pichu dodged the beam and fired a thunder wave at his captors chest.

It was a bull's-eye, smacking his target right where he wanted. The man was stunned as he fell to the ground with a big thud, Pichu fired one more wave just to be sure. Again it hit his target, this time it struck his opponent's left arm. A warm feeling of joy and relief spread over his body as the anger and the pokeball's grasp disappeared, releasing him back into freedom.

At that moment he realized how he never wanted to feel trapped or enslaved by a pokeball ever again. Poor Pichu was now changed forever, never to be bound by force to another human again. He ran and never looked back at that day, never to see his poke-pal Aipom ever again.

I don't know how Pichu became the Pikachu we love or how he met Professor Oak in Kanto, but we all know now how even the nicest pokemon can have a dark past.


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