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You all know of the story of Jigsaw and his cruel games to teach people to be more appreciative about life.You have seen all of his contraptions and gizmos which made his name famous among us.But what is his origin? What was he like as a child?Was he innocent?Was he a devil?Or was he something unseen to the world at that time? You are about to find out

John Kramer was a normal child.He grew up with his parents,loved his siblings,and enjoyed life the best he could as anyone else would.It was the dawn of his 10th birthday that everything fell apart.His parents told him yet but they were to be expecting a new baby.

John's mother, Mariam, was a beautiful woman.Long golden hair with a medium build making her glow in society.She was 33 at the time of John's 10th birthday.She had given birth to him at the age of 23,and her other children over the next few years.Two more siblings.A brother and a sister.They were the perfect family.

John had had a rough day at school since he had newly found bullies to torment him.He was an average child.Sweet,innocent,and wouldn't hurt a fly.His grades were good,his english was great,and he was loved by his parents.

Mariam was in the kitchen of their new apartment cooking dinner when he walked in through the front door.She noticed a bruise on his face,curiosity getting the better of her.

"What happened?"

John looked at her funny.

"Your face.What happened?"

"Nothing mom.I fell over at school today."

"Are you sure that's the truth?"Asked Mariam,walking over to John.

"Yes mom." John lied,running off to his bedroom. He slammed the door narrowly missing his little brother toes.

"Hey big brother."

"Leave me alone Alex."Snapped John,his words clearly lashing his little brother Alex.

"Are you awrite?"

"Yes Alex...I just had a bad day at school."

"Did you tawk to mom?"

"No Alex.And mom doesnt need to know ok.Keep this between me and you alright?"

"Sure big brother."Alex walked over to him and gave a huge hug.

"Thanks little brother."

Hour passed and John had fallen asleep after eating dinner.It was fish pie,his least favorite of all meals.But his family couldn't afford much since his father had just been laid off from work. John's mind rushed through nightmare after nightmare as he thought of his tormentors laughing at him...pinching him...punching him.All for their own enjoyment.

Mariam quietly crept into his bedroom as he slept,tossing and turning.She knew something was wrong because he had suddenly had massive change in personality over the last few weeks.

"Oh John.What could be causing you such pain?"

At the same time,John's father arrived home drunk.He had fallen so far since being fired from work.It was clear he was breaking down due to his sudden snap,causing him to become abusive.

"Honey,I'm home!Now where is my sugar?"

Mariam exited the bedroom to quickly hush him.

"Jesus christ Tim,your drunk off your face again aren't you?!"

"So what if I am?"

"I know you're going through a rough time being laid of work and all,but these kids need their father.Not some drunk idiot."

"What was that woman?!"Tim struck her across her face with the back of his hand."You don't ever get to judge me!"

"You hit me..."

"I'll do more than just that if you talk to me like that again!"

"You never hit me again!"

Tim became infuriated.He pushed her against the kitchen bench narrowly missing her spine to break.His face was red with anger as he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her along the floor.

All of the kids in the apartment had woken up by the loud confrontation.Each of the youngest children all coward in fear whilst John did not.He lay in his bed listening to the fight taking place nearby his door.Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he listened to his mother scream for the father to stop.

The sun rose the next day as it had done every other day.John got out of bed to find his parents nowhere to be seen.But he knew what was wrong and instantly got to work, feeding his siblings. It wasn't hard,he had done it before.When he was 8 years old,his mother disappeared for a few days out of town which meant that it was up to him since his father worked long hours.

Once his siblings were fed,dressed,and tidied up,John got himself ready for the day at school.Even though it was his birthday he still got on with what he had to.School was going to be a nightmare since he had gotten next to no sleep.

At the school gates were two big kids.They were both Caucasian but they were seniors.They were in their last year of school.Yes,the school John attended was mixed with both intermediate and high school.It was easier for the small town they lived in.

John held his breath as he walked up to the school gates,knowing all too well what was about to happen.

One of the boys dropped down from the brick wall and did a kind of strut towards John.He had red hair and ragged looking clothing.What finished it off were his teeth.They were bright yellow.

"Hey John..."The bully placed one hand on John's shoulder then squeezed."do you have your lunch money ready?"

"No." Whimpered John.

"Well then you know what comes next don't you?"

"Just leave me alone,please."

The second bully walked over to the pair and pushed John to the ground.With one swift motion,the bullies ripped John's bag off his back then threw it into a puddle of water.

"Have a good day at school Johnny boy!" Both bullies laughed as they walked off.

John picked himself up and grabbed his bag out of the water.Everything was saturated.But it wouldn't get him down,it was his birthday after all.He went to his classroom where he found his friends a peers all laughing and giggling.It warmed his heart to see everyone happy despite what had already happened.

The day slowly progressed and the class sung merrily to celebrate John's birthday.He was given a present,a small cupcake,and a certificate to celebrate his 10th year of life.But that is when everything would take a turn for the worse.

The principal came to the door of John's classroom and tapped on it.The teacher looked up and saw the principal signalling her to come to him.She stood up and went to see what he wanted.The two stood outside of the classroom door talking for what seemed like forever,then the teacher entered the class once more with red eyes from crying.

John stared at her intently trying to figure out what was going on.He saw the principal pointing at him right before a police officer entered the room and walked over to him.John was taken from the classroom to the principals office where he was given the tragic news of his entire family having died.

Everything began to go numb.John's senses turned off,went blind.All he could see was the principal talking,the officer standing at the door,and a teddy bear sitting on the desk in front of him.He could see it,but not hear any noise.John recognized the teddy bear as having been his little brothers.It was a purple teddy bear which they had won at a carnival only a few weeks prier to that day.

"John?John?Are you okay?" The principal was trying to gain his attention.

"What?"John muttered, gaining his senses once more.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm...fine."Then came a question that caught them all off guard."What killed them?"

"I don't think a 10 year old boy needs to know that..."

"How did they die?!"

"We ah..."The police officer fought back tears of his own."we believe that the gas oven had been left on.Someone had left the gas oven on which led to your family inhaling the fumes."

"But I cooked the porridge,the bottle of milk.I forgot to turn off the oven.It was me."

"Now son,don't blame yourself,you're only a child."

"But it's my fault." Wept John.

The police officer knelt down and hugged him."It's not your fault.It could have happened to anybody."

John pushed him away then curled up in a ball on the seat.Tears flowed down his cheeks before landing on his t-shirt.All he could think of was that it was his fault for taking away his families life.Even if it was by accident,he was the one who had done it.

"So what will happen to John?"

"I will take him to the station where we can figure out what comes next.Most likely he will end up in foster care by himself, so that's the best I can think."


"I will have to live with other people?"

"Yes John,I'm afraid you will be for a while.Not long,but not short either."

"What if I don't want to?"

"You don't have much of a choice."

John looked the officer in the eye."Okay."

The police officer led John out to the police car and helped him get seated.Once buckled in,the officer got in and turned on the ignition.

"How about we take a small detour first.How does some ice cream sound?" But the officers words fell short when he turned round to see John with his head buried in his hands.

"No thank you."

"Alright then." The officer smiled at him then drove the car across town to the police station.

Once there,he escorted John to an office where an african american woman was sitting.The woman had long hair and was dressed very formally. She frightened John a little.

"Hi John,my name is Felicity.I work for a special group of people who take in kids like you so you can grow up big and strong."

John's face showed no emotion.

"I was thinking that instead of taking you out of the city and school,we would set you up in a nice little orphanage here in town.I hear it has friendly adults,kids,and even babies."


Felicity smiled."Yes,babies."

"I think I might like that.But can I please go to my parents funeral?"

"Sure thing.Now if you'd like to come with me I might have some jelly beans for you waiting in my car."

"Jelly beans?"

"Haven't you had jelly beans?"

"Yes,but not in a long time."

"Well,come with me and I will get the ones that are in my car.And then we can go to the orphanage and see what you think of it?"

"Cool." John took hold of Felicity's hand and followed her out to her car.It wasn't very flash but it was a car that went from A to B.

The car ride to the orphanage wasn't very long since it was close to the police station.John stared out the passengers window,his gaze set on the two leveled house.It had an iron fence surrounding it which made it look even more scary than thought.

"Now John,"Felicity turned round to see him."keep those jelly beans close so you don't feel so scared okay?"

"Yes ma'am."

Felicity led John out of the car and up the foot path to the gate.She unlatched it and pushed it open for the two of them to enter.Behind the fence and gate was something John had never seen before.There were toys,a playground,and a huge field of grass to play with.The house sat in the dead center of it all.

"Wow."Marveled John,taking in the vibrant colors.

"What do you think?"

"It's so cool." But then John saw two face he feared.It was the two bullies from his school.

Felicity felt his hesitation which caused her to stop.

"Why are they here?"


"Those two."John pointed at the two boys.

"Do you know them?"

"They bully me at school."

"We we will have to talk to the lady in charge about that.I'm sure she can sought something out for you."

The two carried on with their approach to the house.Once on the front door step,John noticed the two boys watching him with heated eyes.Felicity rang the door bell and waited for someone to answer. A rather large woman opened the door.She didn't look very well taken care of.

"Felicity?What brings you by?"

"I have little John Kramer here to meet you.His family passed away today and we are looking for a place for him to stay.Not right now but sometime soon."

"Let me get a good look at you kid."The woman knelt down to get a closer look."You seem well clean."

"Yes ma'am.My family always kept us clean."

"I'm sure you'd fit in fine here."

"Thank you Georgia."Laughed Felicity."I want to keep him town so he isn't taken away from the home he knows."

"Completely understandable."

"Now John.You will be staying with me for tonight then tomorrow we will gather some of your belongings."


"Sorted.What time shall we..."

John blocked out the talk happening with the two women.He was transfixed on the two bullies.They were pointing and laughing.How had they got out of school early?It made no sense.They knew that John was going to be staying there,it meant they would have all the time in the world to play games

The drive to Felicity's house was quite long.She lived more towards the country side than the city.It was where she felt comfortable.Her house was magnificent.John felt more at home there. But night fall was coming and he had to get ready for bed. He had his own room with a bed,a dresser,a closet,and a little bathroom off the side.It was heaven.

Nightfall came and Felicity put John to bed.She left the light on in the hallway leaving the door open slightly for light to flow through.He felt safer with it on.

"Good night John."

"Good night miss."

The next day,John got dressed up in some clothes that had been brought over from his old home.He put on the ones he loved then got all of his belongings ready to move.

"Big day." Buzzed Felicity.

"Yeah."John was not so excited anymore.

The drive was extra long for John as he felt apprehensive towards going.How could he go?After all,his tormentors lived there too.But nonetheless,he knew this was going to happen.Once they arrived,John gathered his things and went inside of the orphanage as Felicity chatted away.

The two bullies saw him and made their way over to him.They were both grinning with evil.

"Hey kid,looks like you'll be staying here a while."

"Leave me alone."

"Look at that.He thinks he's got balls?"

"I said leave me alone."

"We are the authority here kid,not you.You all do as we say.If not,well then you get punished."

John looked at both boys who were cracking their knuckles.

"So take the advice and do as told...or you might find yourself on the other end of our fists."

Why had the world suddenly turned on its head for John.He was happy but now he was stuck with his tormentors.It couldn't get worse right? This was the start of a very long stay.

Months had passed and John was still at the orphanage.He was still bullied,still left without family,but most of all he was left alone.His bullies were pushing him too far causing him to want to run away but knew he couldn't.Someone would find him eventually.After all,he was in the system now,they would have eyes everywhere to find him.That and the fat lady Georgia wouldn't be getting money for him so she would have a personal stake in it.

But the thought came to him one day.John knew of a way he could escape from everything,knew that he could control his life again.So he came up with a plan to do away with the fay lady and his bullies but not have to lay a hand on them.It was one of pure genius.All he had to do was lure the fat lady to the basement.It would all start there.

Georgia went to the fridge to get herself a cold drink,but when she opened the door there was nothing there.She was pissed.She was ready to yell when she saw a trail of soda leading towards the basement door.Her eyes flashed red with anger.

"Whoever took my drink is going to get a beating of a life time!"Roared Georgia,making her way to the door.

The door creaked open as it was pulled outwards.The trail of soda went down the steps into the darkness of the basement.Georgia smirked as she grabbed the chain to the light and yanked on it.The lights flickered on and off before finally switching on altogether.She made her way down into the basement which would be her death.

The second to last step of the stairs had a special surprise for her.Once she put her foot down on it,a mechanism would trigger.A sharp blade would slice her Achilles tendon causing her to fall on the floor of the basement.Rather large pieces of glass were scattered on the floor so when she landed,he hands would get cut up badly.

Next,she would have to try and pull herself up the stairs before the door attached to a mechanism made out of string,would shut itself.Once shut,the steps were rigged to break which would cause her to fall on top of perfectly placed large kitchen knives.The time was hers,John would never have her blood on his hands.It all depended on how fast she could move.

John watched through the small window that looked inside of the basement,as Georgia played his game precisely how he wanted.And it was as he had planned.She was not fast enough.She was half way up the stairs when the door shut and the steps broke casting her down onto the knives,killing her within seconds.

The thrill of the game had caused such a rush for John.He knew that he could take the power back into his hands and never have to be bullied again.All that remained was his two friends upstairs. But he needed time. So over the next few weeks,John went to an area of town which was industrialized.He chose and alleyway to be the place where he would play his games with the two who had bullied him.

He would lead them down the alleyway to a blocked exit.The only way through it was an old animal cage which would force you to crawl into it.Once on the otherside of the wall,the cage would shut leaving no escape.The rest of the alleyway had the top covered with trash and other kinds of materials found.There were three light switches attached to small cardboard boxes stuck to each wall around the trap.

Each bully would have to flick a switch and make sure it stayed down in order to survive.Underneath their feet was a sewer grate which John had rigged.He had blocked off the actual water pipe and connected a gas pipe to the tunnel.So once the boys had flicked the switches,they would have to trigger the third and final one to block the gas pipe.If not....

And the part that John found the funniest was not the fact that it took him a long time or that he was 10.It was the fact at how nobody noticed a little kid doing all of this.How people went their lives without worry or fear of losing everything.He would continue his work but not for a while.The two boys and the fat lady would be enough.

The game went off without a hitch.John had even a walkie-talkie to talk to the boys when they entered the trap.John angered them in to chasing him down the alleyway and entering the trap.He had not actually gone down the alleyway.In the building next to the alleyway,there was a hole in the front entrance which John had patched up with cardboard.He made himself an escape route into the building so he wouldn't get caught.

Screaming for help,the two bullies died from the gas that they failed to stop.John had done the impossible.Killed someone without killing them.It was all up to them to stay alive,but they lacked the initiative to do so.It was John's greatest revenge.He knew what must be done but life would eventually get in the way.

John grew up normal until all of the events years later would ultimately change his life.He would become to be known as,JIGSAW.


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