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Most people get on you-tube i mean who doesn't well if your into gaming then your probably aware of Steve or as you know him by his channel name boogie 2988.

I started watching him probably about 2 years ago i really enjoy his channel he really is a funny guy.

If you just started watching his videos you should check out his questions & answers videos first that way you get a better understanding of him he started filming in 2006 and hes still going on with a new happy life as he is now married.

He has been losing tons of weight but some don't think so some people make fun of him which is no shock to most people.

One of the biggest things people do now of days is to look for a way to make any picture of his dirty which is pretty messed up i mean i seen him post them on his face book page he doesn't seem to be upset by them i think Steve just laughs them off.

Here are some of edited photos....

Yeah pretty messed up but thats how it is but don't worry he doesn't let this kind of stuff bring him down.

If your looking for a cool guy to watch and enjoy your time to make your day go by faster then you should check him out.

His you-tube link

His face book link

His twitter link

His link to some of his music from itunes

Here is the videos i was talking about that you should check out if you want to know more about him.


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