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Whilst everybody, for the most part, was filled with hate for Oliver this past episode, perhaps with a hint of tragic empathy, I spent the duration of ‘Al Sah-Him’ pedantically searching for the smallest clues, that Oliver Queen may not only exist in the past, but undoubtedly, in the future too; a future with where I’m more confident a wifi signal exists and skyscrapers fill the landscape.

Although, he may evolve into a changed man; less loyal to his vow of murderous abstinence, events from this episode may teach Oliver Queen, that happiness has to be seized, not waited for, nor abandoned.

If Hell is a home waiting for the Devils of Earth, whose egos entitle them, Oliver Queen must seek to align himself with what he wants to instill this same fear in his enemies.

Oliver is certain to return on his own terms; not a masked hero; fearing the light, forsaking his heroism for his sins.

Upon saving Thea, to have his whole city and loved ones fall victim to biological warfare seems counterproductive of Ra’s Al Ghul, unless he is truly confident in his manipulation of Oliver Queen.

Thrown by these events, this transformation is the path I optimistically hope for as the season draws to a close.

With so many crossovers between the Flash and Arrow, all I can think is, where’s a meta human when you need one? Speaking of, next week’s episode of the Flash seems to hint at some development of things, even if Oliver is still in his league get-up.

I thought Oliver would have killed Ra’s when the circumstances arose to kill Nyssa, Ra’s standing behind him, and assume his rightful place as Ra’s history with Damien Darhk implied Oliver would ultimately do so.

Also left to be resolved is Oliver’s future as the Arrow.

The League, and all of their assassin-y as they may be, is no where near as threatening as the pull Ra’s Al Ghul has over Oliver. With Maseo on side, whether Oliver returns to being Arrow is not nearly as important as Oliver returning to being..well, Oliver (Not the Frat Boy Version).

Speculating Ra’s impending doom, last week’s episode revealed some weaknesses in the quasi-immortal being. Was Nyssa’s impending marriage to Oliver a political move, or one of fear? Can Ra’s orchestrate his claim as leader to live on, or are his motives simply paternal? Which should Oliver abandon his vow of murderous abstinence, may be a threat in and of itself.

This week’s episode is bound to set the arrow on a path that will set up the season finale aptly named ‘My name is Oliver Queen’.

Arrow airs TONIGHT on the CW!


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