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Farrell Dulle

If you held onto your childhood memories as hard as i do, then today might have been a good day. Next to Pokemon and somewhat below YU-GI-OH, Digimon digitally dominated the late 90's and early 2000's with its 1st season: Digimon Adventure.

Now with six seasons, nine films and a string of Mangas under its belt, Digimon is coming back to its roots. With Digimon Adventure Tri, we go back to the 1st season's eight digi-destined and their digital partners. I've been following the teasing website since last year, where tidbits of information and photos have been linked. Finally we have an actual trailer, and I can't help but get super nostalgic.

News reports have already flooded in as well from the apparent live stream given by the cast members of the Japanese dub. It will be a 6 film theatrical anime (think Star Wars: Clone Wars). I'm slightly disappointed the series won't be longer, but i am too optimistic to think harshly at the moment. The anime is visually amazing, the small glimpses of fights will definitely range from monster brawls to DBZ-esque sequences and now we'll find out who Sora will be with!

*nerd noises*

If you haven't heard of this yet, here's the link for the official website and a few news reports!

ALSO: Post in the comments what you think so far! Intrested? Got another anime you love more?! WANNA FIGHT?!!?


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