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So I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron and I though I would review it because I have a lot I want to talk about with this film. This is going to be full of spoilers so if you haven't seen the film yet and you don't want any surprises come back to this review after you have watched the movie. In short I enjoyed the movie, I thought it was well directed and all of the actors were great; the visual effects were very good and I thought the soundtrack was composed well by both Brian Tyler and Danny Elfmen. Now let's go into more depth.

The Good stuff

The action scenes were superb. The beginning fight between The Avengers and HYDRA was awesome. Whedon once again pulled off an incredible single shot action sequence only this time it's right at the start of the film and not towards the end like the previous film. The fights in the middle of the movie were great too like the battle between the team and the twins when they were in Klaue's factory. The climatic battle between The Avengers and Ultron and his army was amazing, but it wasn't as good as the first film's final battle with the Chitauri in my opinion. The Chitauri were aliens that had firepower, brute force and strategy whereas the Ultron bots were just metal men that attacked randomly and they were destroyed more easily which in turn made them less threatening. However the fight that stole the show was the Hulk v Hulkbuster fight. That fight was so intense and fast paced and was worth the price of admission alone. The visuals were stunning, the way the scene was shot was great, the sheer destruction going on was just insane.

Most of the characters were written pretty good; most of them. Hawkeye had a lot more to do in this film then the last. He was just a zombie working for Loki and didn't do anything until the climax whereas in this movie he gets a lot of really cool scenes and he interacts with the team more which makes him more relatable. He also has a wife and two kids (three at the end) which makes him more of a human being because he is fighting for something rather than he is with the team because he is a skilled archer and he wants payback for what Loki did to him which made him pretty boring in the first film. Most of the other members were done fine; Cap was done better than he was in the first film but he isn't as good as he was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier though to be fair that was his film and this is a team movie. Stark was done fine and Thor was fine as well.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were really cool, especially Scarlet. They had a good relationship with one and other though I didn't see the whole 'Pietro is very protective of his sister thing' that Aaron Taylor-Johnson said about him. He says one thing that relates to that statement during the climax where he wants his sister to leave so he can handle the drones because he is concerned for her safety. Other than that I couldn't see anything else that made that statement true. Ultimately I was pretty upset when Pietro died sacrificing himself to save Hawkeye but his death didn't have a huge impact on me because I felt like I didn't see enough of him to get really invested with his character but it's a shame we won't be seeing the MCU's version of Quicksilver anymore but his death did give Wanda a reason to fight as hard as ever which makes her a stronger Avenger.

For me the show stealer was Paul Bettany as The Vision; he is wise, funny, and bad-ass all in one. I like how the mind stone powers him up but I wonder if that means he has to die in order for Thanos to get the six infinity stones which would suck because with out the stone he is dead.

The Bad Stuff

As I said before, I liked most of the Avengers but not all of them that is because Hulk and Black Widow are written horribly in this film. Black Widow was this bad-ass spy in Cap 2 and we learned a bit more about her and she grew a lot as a character; however in this movie she is reduced nothing more to a love interest and a damsel in distress. She ends up falling for Hulk you know the one Avenger she feared the most in the first film. It didn't work and it felt like Whedon wrote his own fanfiction into the movie. She had some really kick ass fight scenes but her character was reduced heavily in the film. Also I think it was pretty offensive when she said she couldn't have children she referred to herself as a 'monster'. Yeah because all women that can't have kids will feel really good about that. Banner was strange in this film as well I thought it was pretty clear that he could control when he turns to Hulk he is fine but in this film he still has to be calmed down and he seems to still be ashamed of the monster. He clearly moved on from the past and accepted that the Hulk was a part of him but here he hates being Hulk again it felt like a step backwards.

Pietro wasn't the only character that died in the movie either, Baron von Strucker was killed by Ultron off screen which pissed me off a lot because I felt that he could have been utilized perfectly for Captain America: Civil War. He is such a classic Captain America foe and he gets less than five minutes of footage and is murdered off screen.

The inclusion of Ulysses Klaw (spelled Klaue in the movie) was a waste of time. He felt very rushed and that's because he was; Andy Serkis was hired on to help Mark Ruffalo and James Spader with the motion capture performance but Whedon wrote the part of Klaue while filming was going on so that's why his scenes felt rushed. There was no mention of his relationship with Black Panther and he is a black market arms dealer and has no known knowledge of soundwaves and isn't a scientist. Ultron cuts his arm off, not Black Panther which is fine but it didn't need to happen it was just in your face references to Black Panther which felt annoying.

Finally there is Ultron. Let me say this James Spader's performance was incredible; however Ultron is not a very good villain when it's all said and done. In the trailer he is presented as this intimidating, menacing scary machine that wants to kill everything that is alive but what we got was this 8ft tall robot that makes jokes, sings songs form Pinocchio and has hissy fits when he is compared to Tony Stark. I get he was programmed by Iron Man so he is going to say some jokes that's fine, but he says so many that he is just ridiculous and I couldn't take him seriously. He was also defeated very easily, then again so was Loki but he thought he could take on Hulk, but all of The Avengers kick Ultron's ass at one point in this film. His origin was extremely rushed too, he is created and then all of the sudden he hates The Avengers; where is the buildup? Why does he hate them? He watches 30 seconds of war footage and says humans suck basically.

So I didn't like a lot of stuff in this movie but I enjoyed a lot as well. Overall Avengers: Age of Ultron is not as good as it's predecessor or the two Marvel Studios films from last year (Cap 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy) but I still had a fun time with this film. Out of 100% I would rate this film a 74%.


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