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Jack Napier was abanded as a child and was forced into a fostercare near Gothom. Jack, after being there for a year, he began to make friends. Napier became sour yet fed on making people laugh, his untasteful jokes were to die for. After his 20th birthday, jack left the fostercare to presue a comedian career which ended up blowing up in his face. He had to compete with various comedians that were 10 times funnier, he ended up giving up and living in a rundown apartment. As he was living with failure for 14 more years, saddness and selfdoubt began to kick in. He began to overthink all the possibilities that could of been for him and he soon became angry with himself but he knew he wanted to become what he so desired to be. He picked up a knife as he was frowning and said to himself, "lets put a smile on that face", he slit both sides of his mouth so he'd always knew he was funny, that his jokes were funny. He dyed his hair, and put makeup on. jack covered the face of failure and made a new image of himself, the joker. As he sat in his room, he thought about all whom did him wrong. The people that doubted him, that didnt laugh. He took out a gun he bought at a local store, went out and told jokes. The name, Joker, became very well known. The joker moved up from doing standup, armed robberies to being as insane as they come. The origin of the joker.


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