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Jared Suter

When i heard about this contest i first thought of a superhero origin story, then realized that i wanted to know more about the origin of one of my newest favorite movies... John Wick.

When John was a kid his father was a very successful businessman and in a very upper class family, his mother would stay home and home school John. When John was around eight years old someone put a hit out on his father for unknown reasons. Being that it was a very hefty price they went after what his father loved most.. his family. While Johns father was away for business one day a hit-man came to their home, beat John almost to death and shot his mother. When his father returned the hit-man gunned him down unknowingly while John watched. With no other choice he was placed in a foster care center. He never talked to anyone and got beat up allot but never cried or gave up either. Around a year later a mysterious man comes to the foster home and sees the now ten year old John with a black eye and decides to sit down and talk to him. John says nothing at first but then the stranger tells john that he can adopt him and give him the tools to fight and fend for himself, John asks why and the mysterious man tells John that he was once in johns shoes. John then decides to go with him and asks him what his name was and the man tells John that he would have to earn that answer in time and train first. From the age of ten to seventeen the mysterious man trains john in hand to hand combat, but in all that time he still never learns the mysterious mans name, So one day John stays up late and looks through his office for a piece of mail with a name on it but only sees a big painting of a boogeyman.

While rummaging through his desk hears a " Well well John... you disappoint me.. time for your next lesson." The mysterious man has John face him then and there in hand to hand combat which John loses. The man tells John that the next lesson is patience. From the age of seventeen to twenty John masters patience in a sort, Meditating for days and weeks with no food or anything for that matter. On Johns twentieth birthday the mysterious man tells john that his training is almost complete and that there is only one lesson left and that lesson was to kill another human being, john denies at first but the mysterious man tells john that if he decided to complete the last session he would help John find his parents killer. John then tells the man that he would only then kill two people, the one for the lesson and the killer of his parents. The mysterious man says that is a deal and put John on his first hit. Johns target was a human trafficking drug kingpin. The man tells john that the target is on the thirteenth floor and that he has the option of making his way up through the mansion or to find a location on the roof opposite of the building and take him out that way. With john fearing that he would kill more than just the target he decides to climb the roof of the opposite building and take the shot that way. John gets the opportunity and pulls the trigger killing the kingpin, He then feels sick to his stomach and realized that taking another life may not have been worth it but with the task complete he tells the mysterious man that he wants to know the killer of his parents. The mysterious man tells John who he is and gives him an address. John now twenty years old goes to the house and sneaks in through the back window and just when John gets done searching the current room a light turns on in the room behind him, The killer of his parents was sitting in a chair behind John and tells john that he was the one that killed his parents but only under the order of his boss, John then asks him who is boss is and the killer says that they only knew him by the boogeyman, then goes on to say that the last time he killed was when he killed his parents and that he did not feel right because he did not mean for John to witness it and quit that very night. John says nothing and shoots the killer. Driving on his way back home he thinks and has flashbacks of when he was seventeen and looking through the mysterious mans office and remembers that boogeyman painting above hid desk and John then knew that the mysterious man had his parents killed. When he gets home the man was sitting in his office and asks john if he succeeded and John says yes, John also realizes that he is not yet fit to take on the mysterious man and asks him for another job. The man gives him a job and tells him that he would have to team up with another assassin associated with the Russian mob " Viggo Tarasov." John then kills and kills for the next few years until he is around twenty six years old and becomes Viggos close friend, and with Viggo rising to the to the top of the Russian crime family. He tells John that he would then help him in any way he could but John denies and sharpens his skills for the next ten years. John now thirty five is at the peak of his abilities and had killed more targets than he could remember, and thinks that now that he has the ability to take down the mysterious man, So he goes back to the house and finds the mysterious man in his office, John tells him everything he knows and that he wanted this to be a fair fight, The man nods and tells John that he was making a mistake pulls a gun and shoots john in the shoulder, John then runs towards him and they begin to fight. After john has broken both of his arms he asks him why and the mysterious man answers with just one word... "Business." John then points his gun at the mans head and the man asks john if he would like to know his name and john replies "it doesn't matter" and shoots him. Around a year or so later John meets back up with Viggo Tarasov (that was still working his way up the Russian mob food chain) and Viggo asks John to help with him moving up in the ranks and says that he heard of what John did about the mysterious man and John accepts, not for the money but because that is simply all he knows how to do. And from then on everyone knew john not as John Wick but as the boogeyman.


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