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Now, hold up a moment people. We all know that Tris, while she was still in Abnegation, was not the most well behaved Abnegation child. She was too honest, impolite, and curious. But, ever wonder what kind of wacky situations she got into that Caleb wasn't there to save her from? How she came to admire the Dauntless so much? Well, let me tell you a little story.

At the age of ten, after her parents believed she might finally stop getting into trouble, she was let outside to play with the neighbor kids. She promised to come inside when the neighbors had to go back home, but, when the time came, she didn't. Instead, she wandered away from home, hoping to see a scary factionless man or a brave Dauntless. Sadly, poor little Beatrice Prior saw both. The old factionless man was being beaten by a Dauntless with the butt of his gun. Beatrice assumed the factionless man had gotten a bit too handy when begging for food and tried not to interfere, but her inner Abnegation kicked in. Can you imagine the surprise of the two men's faces when a ten year old Abnegation girl ran up and kicked the Dauntless man in the shin, then threw her body over the factionless man's, to keep him safe? They were both surprised by her bravery, knowing she probably forgot she was only a child.

When the Dauntless man ordered her to go home because it wasn't her business she looked boldly up at the Dauntless man and lied, "He's my grandfather! He's very sick, so leave him alone." Though it was obvious that the factionless man was not her grandfather, nor very sick, the Dauntless man backed off and told her how proud he was of her bravery and that he could not wait to see her in Dauntless when she got older. Sadly, he did not live to see that day, having been discovered as a Divergent and disposed of. Beatrice was in a lot of trouble when she got home, but she never told anyone what had caused the holes in her grey pants, nor did the factionless man.

That makes for a great event that impacted her respect for Dauntless! A Dauntless man not letting his pride get the better of him and letting Beatrice believe that he thought her lie was truth. That's also when she began to realize he did not fit in with the Abnegation faction. I guess, in a way, Divergent could have started with a little event in her life that made her who she was. And I just love that.


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