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Captain America: Civil War

As you probably know, it's just been confirmed that Martin Freeman will be having a role in 'Captain America: Civil War'. But now there is even more news about the cast.

Emily VanCamp, who plays Agent 13 / Sharon Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was first introduced in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'. She has now been unofficially confirmed to be reprising her role in the Civil War. I hope this news is true, because It's giving that character another film to explore who they are.

Agent 13 / Sharon Carter in Captain America 2
Agent 13 / Sharon Carter in Captain America 2

What will her role be?

Even if she is confirmed, we don't really know exactly what role she is playing. I'm thinking she could be a possible love interest for Captain America. Is that something you would like to see? I wouldn't expect her to be playing a larger part than what she had in Captain America 2 though, as there are already heaps of character to be in this single film.

Captain America: Civil War is becoming a very packed movie, It has even more main characters and heroes than 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' had, and still more are to be confirmed! I feel as though the Russo brothers will do a very good job though. They are very capable as they did an incredible job making Captain America 2, which is looked at as one of the best Marvel movies of all time. I could definitely agree with that.



Would you like to see Sharon Carter as love interest of Captain America?


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