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Arkham Asylum Entry #1940:

While reviewing Dr. Harleen Quinzel's log book recordings after her dismissal and incarceration due to her psychotic breakdown, I took the position of overseeing the patient known as, "The Joker". Through the process of psychoanalysis and the implementation of a false reality, i reached a startling breakthrough that finally explains his origin and trip to insanity and apathy. By giving the patient the illusion that he triumphed over his psychotic, erotic singularity, "The Batman", murdering his advesary in combat due to the fear of Batman becoming a greater villian than the patient. In the mits of the false reality, i used safe words, mental trap doors, and altered voice recordings of Dr. Quinzel and The Batman. The Joker finally confessed what made him the monster- forgive me...the troubled individual he is today.

This may be a false confession due to his supposed immunuty to psychoanalysis, but this is the first time his story corroborate with his personal known history and our public city archives.

It begins with his great, great grandparents immigrating from Ireland to America in the late 1900's. Due to not having enough money to live in Metropolis, his family moved to Gotham City because of it's cheap renting cost and booming economy based on the dock import/export business near the "Narrows" port area.

Fast forward to the early 70's, the Joker's father was a pianist, avid taxidermy collector, and Vietnam War veteran while his mother was a nurse at Gotham General Hospital. The Joker, during his childhood, didn't speak until he was five years of age. Even though his parents thought he had a learning disability, the patient scored high scored off the charts in math and sciences. He also showed having a photographic memory due to his spatial and visual analytics and lack of verbal communication. The patient had great potential to be an outstanding citizen of society but trouble started to rear it's ugly head.

In the Joker's adolescent, he showed signs of attention deficit disorder but couldn't be peescribed the right medication due to the lack of medical knowledge of this disorder. His father showed signs of alcoholism and post traumatic stress disorder due to his tears in the military. His father begin abusing his mother after the rumor of her sleeping around town and the question of whether his father was biological parent of him arose. A dna test was taken but the truth was never told to the Joker, so his parents unbalanced relationship continued until the patient came home one night after class.

The joker found his mother dead sewed together like one of his father's taxidermy animals'. He found his father in a frantic rant saying, "You don't get the joke? I do." His father was holding his favorite taxidermy, a South African Bat, while he sat near his wife's deceased body. The last thing the patient remembers is his father sewing his own mouth shut while still reciting those words before the police arrived. His father was charged with murder but placed in a mental institute for the criminally insane where he died of natural causes.

After the traumatic experience, the patient joined the military where he excelled and was awarded numerous medals. On his down time, he was performed on stage oversees as a comedian to cheer up disabled veterans who were being shipped back home. There was one mission that took a turn for the worse.

The joker was in a batallion that was executing a search and destroy mission, looking for a unknown terrorist organization that was creating weapons of mass destruction. Unknown to them, they walked into an ambush they killed seventy-five percent of his team. The other twenty-five percent, including himself, were taken into custody by the terrorists . The batallion were placed in a deep muddy ditch where they experienced being tortured, exposed to starvation and sleep deprivation. The goes back to it's primitive state when the body experiences starvation for more than three weeks. A locked glass of delicious food was placed inside the ditch where the joker and remainder of soldiers were housed. Hungry and manic, the terrorist told the soldiers that whoever was left after murdering the others, would recieve the prize. At first they were adamant, but after the smell settled in around the ditch, instincts took over. The joker and another fellow brother in arms were all that was left. The two fought until the soldier grabbed a sharp rock and started to slice at the joker's cheeks while saying, "You know i never really liked your jokes. They were never funny. Maybe these scars would help." The joker subdued his opponent and killed him with his bare hands. The terrorists awarded him with the food and a week later, he was rescued by the military. After a thorough psychological evaluation, the patient was deemed sane and honorably discharged for his service in the military. He went back to Gotham City and was never heard of again until after the reportings of the Batman begun. Something triggered-a memory that reminded him of the past. I have to take what i learned about the patient to Dr. Hugo Strange. He will be estatic!!!


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