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Lets just keep it short i like action movies,basketball and the out doors.
Destin Clemmons

His name was Christopher Jackson,a loney young man living in Claremont Chicago, one of the toughest places in town.He was always alone in school always got bullied and hurt from the other students.His family was abusive as well so he couldnt go to anyone for help.He lived his life one step at a time best he could.One dark stormy night his father Wayne Jackson went berzerk and beat his entire family.It got so bad Chris left that very night hiddin in the shadows of the city.He wasnt even reported missing he was now officially on his own. While walking one late night he was attacked by what it looked like a dark black witch who sensed his depression and life struggles so he was kidnapped and taken to his lair.The witch rested his palm on the frightened young Chrises head and lit up bright as the sun.He was soon givin abilities unlike anything anyone has ever seen.He had mind control and could move any object without a single touch.He was givin the abilites because of his rage in life and was on the edge of deciding to seek revenge or continue life.He was so full of madness he took his rage upon everyone he once knew in school and destroyed nearly half of of Chicago.The year is 2020 no one has ever seen the face of Chris he is now known as the Shadow.He stays away during the day and preying out in the shadows of the night.


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