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Red Ace

Redace Productions has tapped into the Comedy like element presenting Hershel mixed with Drake's "Tuesday". The beloved Character from the Walking Dead that made fans remember the special day decided to take over for Drake on the re release song in order to say "I declare we have Spaghetti Tuesday." Redace Productions has obtained the audio version and with the founder Redace saying "I hope the fans realize the talent of Hershel, I mean he is no Drake but as a Substitution you can't go wrong." And then later replied "Hershel has been a beloved character of the series and with this tribute to a fallen character I felt it was best to share with the world... to share Spaghetti Tuesday." No other members from Rick's group would comment, but you can hear the song play in the town of Alexandria every Tuesday with a few weeping sounds and a person saying let's pray.. Redace himself has been telling fans of the series to check out Redace Productions on Youtube and Soundcloud with also stating to contact him @RedacePro on Twitter and at Redace Productions on Facebook to get the fans opinion as this news continues to unfold.


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