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Beerus, known throughout the Dragon Ball Z galaxy as a God of destruction. But where did this super-powered being come from? This is his origin.

Once many years ago Beerus was cat. But not just any cat, no, not in the time he came from. Beerus lived in Egypt. Beerus was considered a god, as all cats were in this time and place. But unlike other cats he was the personal companion of King Tut! King Tut and Beerus were close, however Beerus's love for food was a danger.

For you see though Beerus was a cat and didn't not posses the same level of intellect as a human, he was still very bright. One day as King Tut was having a feast someone put down a roast pig for Beerus alone, which was the norm. However, King Tut did not like the food that had been brought unto him, so he took the roast pig from Beerus. After everyone had left Beerus was still angry at King Tut, so he jumped and scratched his eyes out, and King Tut unable to get help bled to death on the floor.

But it had not gone completely unseen, for a God of destruction from another universe had been searching, LOOKING for a new god of destruction for the universe he was now in. Seeing how this mere cat had destroyed what most people would consider a friend, Wis realizes that Beerus is the perfect God of destruction!

So Wis with the permission from a higher being gave Beerus increased intelligence, and incredible power. And that, my friends, is how Beerus became one of the most powerful beings in all the galaxies.

I hope you enjoyed this. :)


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