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I think I need more, as I like to call them, "fluff" in my life. What do I mean by fluff? I mean movies that are cheesy, fun, a project that may not be a Citizen Kane or a Return of the King or a Empire Strikes Back, but something that was made to do what I believe movies are ultimately made for,to entertain. The Blob is that fluffy entertainment.

I went into this movie, only with the knowledge that this is a "cult- classic" and is part of the pretty prestigious, Criterion library. So, what a surprising treat it was to see Steve McQueen as the star of this flick. If anything is a guaranteed plus in this movie, it's his performance. He plays, kind of, the typical teen that you would see in every horror movie. But this is Steve McQueen, he brings a realness and a believable presence to his character. He tries his hardest to warn his small town from the horrors of the title monster and really take his side. The rest of the cast is pretty decent for what they bring, but let's talk about star here, The Blob itself, or as it's referred to in the film, the mass. The film is over half a century old, and the gloppy SFX look as awesome as ever. Again, this isn't Avatar, but the blob effects mixed with the overall look of the movie give this film, a timeless look to me. From the costumes, to the color scheme of the town the movie takes place in. It's a very simple story, but the ride it takes you on is quite the roller coaster, all the way up to the classic climax which has me grinning from ear to ear. Taking place in a theater and seeing this massive group of extras running away from the slow moving terror, surprisingly, keeps replaying over and over in my mind. It's so B-movie, so campy. The score and especially the opening tune are also little pluses in one of the most fun movie experiences I've had watching a movie


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