ByAnthony Mora, writer at

So what happens when you mix me, the right kind of trip, and the 1977 Japanese cult horror classic? One of the trippiest hour and half ever. I went into this movie completely fresh, not knowing a thing plot wise, never seeing a single second of a trailer or footage of this movie. So in other words, I had absolutely no clue what to expect from this one.

The best way I can describe this movie to anyone is the closest thing to a live action adaption of some obscure Japanese anime we'll ever see put to film. The strange visual effects, the overly bubbly Japanese school girls (two named Gorgeous and Fantasy which I thought was awesome), the demon kitty. There's enough visual trips and ear popping sound effects to keep your senses going throughout.

Plot: 6 Japanese school girls go to a country home for their summer vacation, where upon their arrival, supernatural events happen every which way. Once the supernatural starts happening, you get more of what's like a big collaboration of those weird snippits that adult swim shows between commercial breaks. Fun? Yes. A trip? Absolutely. But, it doesn't make for an interesting plot. There's only so much eye candy I can take before I started to yearn for some of the plot to pick up my interest or for some legit Japanese scares to make me squeal.

It certainly is an original movie, and one that would definitely be seared into my mind forever if it wasn't for it's excess over the topness. However, I would like to revisit it again soon, for one heck of a trippy carnival ride of a movie.


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