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Dawn Lodrigue

John Brashear was a man of great wealth; with that wealth came his love of showing it off. His three story plantation style home had all the luxuries this early 1900's man could think to display, and of course the finest antiques to rival all others. His wife, Laura at least a decade younger than he, was one of those collected finer things. She herself loved rare jewels of deep color, and furs from the far north. Even with all she had, something in Laura always wanted more.

On a cold November morning, John had the workers finish off Laura's brand new dressing room for their evening party at sunset. Ivory handle porcelain dressers and black silk curtains from the Middle East all went into place in such a hurry for his darling one. The most anticipated piece: an large antique mirror with fine metal for framing and a clear glass. The mirror was found in an old English showroom in Old New York, John was sure it would suit her fancy well. There was something about this mirror that gave off a large prescence. He could sense the greatness of this mirror, John had great senses, one should know. This mirror wanted to be with John and Laura.

That afternoon, soon after Laura was shown her new dressing room, dresses of all sorts were laid out for her to dress in. Part of her loved playing dress up in front of the poorly maids, part of her just loved to watch herself in that mirror. The mirror was grand, it made the beautiful Laura even more so, if possible, she thought. She danced in dresses of summer's pallette and twirled like the spinning spring flowers. The mirror loved her, absolutely loved her.

John, however, could not seem to pull her away. The impatient man within him grew agitated quickly. For once her vanity was exceeding the normal extreme. He walked himself into an argument in that dressing room.

She yelled first, but he lost his temper too fast. Even then, she still paid more attention to that mirror. Somewhere deep inside of John a dangerous anger was rising....

Everything in the room seemed to shake but that mirror. It would almost seem the mirror enjoyed this, after all, it knew the ending already.

The maids told the town they found John in a grave state with a fatal wound to the face and head. Laura was nowhere to be found herself. The mirror was the only witness, and it would much rather act out the scene of death than plainly tell it. Now it keeps the company of Laura as she loved it so...


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