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Chapter 1

Nate Miller was your average Peter Pan Peanut Butter factory worker, well about as average as they come. He loved peanut butter, and as a Peter Pan Peanut Butter employee, he was never without. He lives in the small town of Red Lion, Pennsylvania. Nate is twenty years old and plays acoustic guitar at the coffee club down the street. Every Tuesday Nate would work overtime at the factory and was usually alone, but he never has any problems. This Tuesday was no exception. Nate was running everything smoothly, until suddenly a storm broke out. Now Nate has worked during storms before, but this storm seemed different. Lightning struck the factory, the factory shook, spilling a vat of peanut butter, engulfing Nate. Just then, lightning struck again, this time penetrating a window and striking the peanut butter containing Nate, who has now lost consciousness.

The fire department was called to extinguish the flames caused by the lightning and when they got to the factory they found Nate unconscious in the peanut butter, he appeared to be unharmed. The people up in Peter Pan Inc. paid Nate a lot of money and suggested he take some paid vacation time, Nate graciously agreed. During the next few days, Nate noticed some changes. He was stronger, faster, one day he tripped and swore he floated instead of falling. Testing this he then went up to the roof of his apartment building. He climbed up on the edge and looked over, a thought entered his mind, “Why would I jump off a building when I just THINK I can fly…” so he then turned around and jumped back onto the roof. Instead of landing on the roof, he just hovered over it. Nate could fly, but he would soon find out he could do a whole lot more.

After a few days of honing Nate was flying with ease. One day, on his way home from picking up more peanut butter, Nate saw a mugging. He quickly flew down and grabbed his peanut butter to throw in the muggers face. Nate mistakenly did not see a clothesline hung in the alley and flew right into it, dropping the jar of peanut butter. As he reached for the jar peanut butter squirts from his hand, realizing this Nate then aimed at the mugger and squirted him with peanut butter, stopping him in his tracks. After rescuing the woman, Nate took off before she could see him, for with this great power there are also great risks and its better no one knows he is the one with them.

Over the next few weeks, Nate trained and focused his powers, finding more abilities. Not only could he create peanut butter, but also he could create other peanut products. He learned how to create giant peanut shells around certain objects. He could create circus peanuts of varying sizes, which he knew would come in handy to save falling people. Nate could create peanut-brittle with his laser vision, and many more he may not even be fully aware of. Nate then decided he needed a suit, and a cape. He chose the have an orange suit and a blue cape since barely any known hero wears those colors. The costume was completed with a pair of blue boots and gauntlets and of course a pair of Uoto and finished it off with a yellow belt. Then he needed a name, and after hours of consideration, he chose the best name he could think of, The Goob. Nate also did not want people to know who he was so he needed a disguise, something clever. He decided he would start wearing glasses when he was in Goob-mode, and nobody ever recognized him.

I wrote this years ago, in fact in it I say I am 20, so it was nearly 8 years ago. When I was writing it I was wanting to make it a screenplay but I don't know how to do those so just made it a story. I did write 5 chapters, but this was the origin chapter, the rest introduced one of his sidekicks (which is no longer his main sidekick so I might change), his love interest (which was the girl I was dating at the time so her name might change), villains (which will be altered anyways), and started of his training. So that's why I only shared this chapter.

One of my main villains, Earl the Squirrel

I also added a super pet, Goob Cat

And my young sidekick and nephew, Skippy

And of course my main sidekick, Strawberry-Jelly Gal!


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