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Lets just keep it short i like action movies,basketball and the out doors.
Destin Clemmons

WARNING MILD SPOILERS: OK so i went to the early screenings to see the new avengers and all i need to say is WOW. I was impressed with the fact that at the very beginning of the film it immediately started out with a fight scene involving all the members of the avengers. Normally i would rather see movies slowly pick up to the fighting but in this particular film all the elements were just dead on and it was enjoyable to see the action at such a rush.It was also good to see all of our favorite characters reunite again after the previous movies and once you watch them for so long you can start to develop a connection to the characters. We also get to see a few new faces which include the Scarlett witch,Quick silver, and the vision who join the fight against ultron. Now for the bad, I didn't like the romance between black widow and the hulk because for one it felt rushed. It pretty much felt like it didn't even need to be there. For super hero movies in general they always push the romance on hard and i wish they didn't focus on that so much because over the years it does get old. But all in all this was a great movie not to mention captain america s suit looks way better and not so cheesy. I am definitely looking forward to future installments including captain america: Civil War,and Avengers Infinity war part 1 and 2. If you haven't seen this movie yet you better take a shot you wont regret it.


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