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Frantz Saintil

"You bypassed all of my securities... how?"

"Simple, I'm not really here. I know you see me, but it's all in your head."

"Telepathy. Who are you?"

"My name is Kallen, of new Genesis."

"A new god? What are you doing here? Or specifically, what are you doing in my head?"

" I need your help. Hard to believe, i know. But I am desperate."

"Help with what?"

"To kill Apokolips."

"...Get out of my head!"

"You and I are not so different, you know. When I was born, New Genesis celebrated. Gods came from all over the planet to bear witness. They called me a child of prophecy. You see, I was to replace Highfather. Never since he, has a new god born with so much power. Even as a new born, my power could be felt through out the universe. But what everyone celebrated became my nightmare. My power served as a beacon to every power-hungry, greedy, lowlife that lurks about in the universe. It was not long until they came for me. The gods of new genesis defended their new king valiantly. Soon after, the attacks ceased. I was left lone to grow as a normal boy... well, god, meant to be king. I grew rapidly, and so did my powers. I was only 9, and i could best my father in an arm wrestling contest, fly as fast as Lightray, and master telepathy.

I was a happy child- surrounded by happy, generous, wonderful people. One day, right before i turned ten, My parents decided to take me to the surface of New genesis, where the lesser gods resides. They did so because they knew as soon as I turn ten, they would lose me to a crowd of happy, gift baring, smiling gods all come to wish me a happy birthday. That was to be our time alone. The surface was quite beautiful. It was filled with colorful flowers and green plains. Trees on the surface stood high enough to reach the clouds. I remember the streams and rivers, so clear that if it wasn't for the brown stones, one could swear that there is no water. But all of this came to a quick end when a "Boom-tube" portal opened, and a 7 ft tall man stepped out of it. I didn't know it then, but his name is Grayven, of Apokolips, bastard son of Darkseid himself. He did not speak, but lunged at me with incredible speed. I barely saw him move at all. My father, jumped between us to protect me. 'Run!' he shouted. I should have ran, but i froze in time. I felt his power. It was dark and evil in every meaning of the word. His eyes glowed red, and fired a random series of beams that threw my father away in an explosion of fire. Quickly, my mother opened her own portal, and kicked me into it. The last thing i saw before the portal closed was Grayven tearing my mother's head from her shoulders, whilst staring into my eyes.

You see, you and i are not so different. If you had powers like mine, you would do the same thing. If we are to be honest, is this not why you wear a costume? To ensure that what happened to you does not happen to anyone else."

War is inevitable. Devastation is inescapable.
War is inevitable. Devastation is inescapable.

"You and I are nothing alike. What you are proposing is GENOCIDE."

"Aye... It is. Apokolips is a virus. A virus if left unchecked will eat away at the universe. I alone am making the only logical decision- to cut the cancer out before it causes anymore damages. I came to you because i knew that you, before any of the other, would understand."

"You don't know me."

"On the contrary, Bruce Wayne, I know you more than you know yourself. I am in your head, and though I know you are trying to learn as much about me as possible, I've already gone through your most private thoughts. I know you, and I already know your answer. Interesting. For so long you've led people to believe that the only thing you're hiding behind that mask is your secret identity, but you and I both know that that's only a diversion. You are no mere human. No human can endure such torment. I await your answer, 'Bruce.' Don't disappoint me, lest I tell your teammates who you truly are."


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