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Grace Foulk

The land of Tamriel, filled with dragons! The people had no idea what they were and they're abilities of mass destruction made them nearly impossible to defeat. And if you did, the people noticed that they were only to be brought back to life. It was hopeless in the peoples eyes. Not only that, it was the end of the world!

And then a young soldier from Solstheim was there during a battle with a dragon, unaware that his life was about to change forever.

During the battle he showed great strength against the dragon. He dodged and swung in all the right places, like he was born for this. Little did he know, he was!

The dragon eventually died at his and and hey all cheered another dragon's death. But something else happened, the earth shook! Bright spirits of light flew from the dragon and sent everyone fleeing in terror, All but one, that is. Miraak!

The light spirits flew into him and he felt power surge through. He felt great power and let it out with a mighty shout. " FUS!" a glowing hole in the ground formed and blue light flew into him. This time it was stronger. "FUS ROH DAH!" and as he said it, great wind flew from his mouth, blowing away everything in it's path. He was sent a message from the gods. "You are the dragonborn! The powers of the dragon run through you! You are the one who can slay, rule, tame all dragons! use it well!"

After this Miraak ran. He didn't know where but he was drawn to go somewhere. He let his soul carry him forward. He traveled to the docks of Solstheim and there he hired a boat to Skyrim. When he made it there he bought a horse and swiftly traveled to the tallest mountain he had ever seen. He felt he needed to climb it. At the top he came to a temple. He slowly pushed the doors open and was greeted by an elder in a grey cloak. "We've been expecting you Miraak."

Miraak nodded. "But How" he had asked. And the man told him he had gotten a message from the gods. But they had nary much time to talk because the greybeard, as he had called himself, told him of the impending threat of Alduin, and they began training. The Greybeard gave him great power and knowledge but in return when alduin came, Miraak betrayed the Greybeard and killed him.

Away with the knowledge and power he ran back to Solstheim where he killed thousands of dragons and had a temple built in his name. He lived here for many years, ruling over Solstheim like a Tyrant. He sought for knowledge and more shouts.

He easily learned many more shouts but could never get enough knowledge. One day he found the answer in an ancient Nordic Temple. He found one of Hermaeus Mora's black books. He was sent to Apocrypha, the land of infinite knowledge. Hermaeus Mora liked Miraak and made him his servant. Hermaeus Mora let him stay in Apocrypha and Miraak had infinite knowledge at last.


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