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I had always known there was something weird about me. But I hadn't known it was this big. My name is Dylan, and I'm 17 years old. Or so I thought I was.

Before this day I was never really sure what I was. Nothing ever felt quite... right. I always felt like I should be ahead of the class. I was an honours student in Bringston High School, one of the best students, if I may say. The school wasn't bad, but the place reeked of sewage half the time, and much needed an overdue construction. Some of the doors were newer, but many of the doors were chipped, or had major dents in them from the past. This school was quite old, it had been around for nearly 200 years, with hardly any renovations done to it. The walls were gilded with old, cracked paleish-yellow tiles. The founder of the high school was Thomas Bringston. He happened to invent many of the technology we had, that was of course, out in the world. Most definitely not this hellish place of a school. However, our school was one of the top schools in the nation, ranked as the 3rd best high school. I was planning on moving out of this state some day, even with all the nice people, the old town, and the stories.

It was only one day when an accident happened on my way back to my quiet, humble home, that I began to question my existence. When I was walking home, two cars were passing each other. But it wasn't just any normal crash. In fact, I thought my eyes had deceived me. Had I seen what I had seen that day? Instead of the cars making a noise, swerving, a driving looking drunk or tired, it was a quiet, almost forced and inevitable ending for the two drivers. As the cars approached each other on the ends of the roads, it was as if each car held a strong magnetic force towards each other. Even the drivers turned themselves towards each other. But when the cars crashed, no noise. No glass shattered, no screams of pain, just two cars, crashed, caught on fire, in the middle of the road. No one else was around, I just happened to experience this phenomenon. As I was a good hearted person, and worry-some for the human race, I dropped my backpack on the side of the road and ran to where the cars were. To my surprise, no one was in the car. I tried looking for blood, movement, anything. But there was nothing. It hadn't made sense, but this seemed all too familiar.

After I took a bit to explore, I heard a car approaching. It was my mother. She had been worried about me when I didn't come home. Still no one else was on the road. I went back across the street to pick up my backpack I had put down, and got into the car.

"Are you alright Dylan? Why were you standing in the middle of the road like that? You could have been injured or hit by a car." my mother said as I got into the car.

"Mom!" I said in a panicked voice, "Do you not see that! Those two cars!" I yelled, pointing to where I saw the two cars. Did she not see them? Was a hallucinating? Why doesn't she see these cars?

"Dylan, are you feeling alright? Is this about your father?" my mom said bringing my late father.

My father, who was 26 at the time, had passed away only a few hours prior to my birth. He had been going out to see my mother in the hospital who was soon to give birth to me. I could almost feel a physical pain thinking of how my father had died. He died in a car crash. On the very road I walked every day.

“No, mom, I’m fine. I promise.” I said solemnly. I had never got to meet my dad, or get a bond with him like a normal father-son relationship, and it always upset me. I wished my dad could've seen me succeed in school, and being one of the top students, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t even be at graduation for me.

When we got back home, I went up to my room where I normally go after a long day. I went to my desk and looked at the picture of my father on my desk. “Dad… How did you die? Why did you have to die?” I whispered sadly. I turned around and went to lay on my bed, thinking of the homework I had and how I had never met my father. This was normal though. Everyday I would do this. I would go home, look at my father’s picture wishing he could be here, and then proceed to go lie down on my bed. A bit of time always passed, what seemed like minutes felt like hours, so I would always go back to my desk and begin my homework. After a few hours of homework, I would get called down for dinner.

“Dinner is served sir.” Fred said. Fred was our butler, there was only my two siblings and my mother there.

After dinner I went back up to my room, and eventually fell asleep. I had the weirdest of dreams however. And it happened every night, starting from the same place as they had ended in the previous night, the past few years. It started off as a first person point of view, and as a young child. I had no control over things in my dream, and everything felt too real. It was set around 2405, around the time my father had been born. And I had only gotten a few days into the dream. I never told anyone about these dreams, they always felt too personal, not even my mother knew.

For the next few months, things happened, everyday, and they were always so strange. My mother never saw the things I had experienced. But every time I saw something, it felt always too familiar. I even started to see psychologist, but since I refused to tell them much about my dreams or other experiences, they never helped.

Things changed for me one day though. My entire life, everything I thought I knew. I had thought I went to sleep, and I thought I was 17. I thought my name was Dylan, and I thought it was 2444. I woke up in a crash, bleeding, heavily. And from my common sense, I yelled for help and tried to get myself out of this car. I could smell smoke, and I wasn't about to die.

It took me only a few minutes to get out of the car, and just in time, as both of the cars burst into flames a thousand times greater than a few moment before. The other driver had died on impact, as there hadn't been one movement or struggle, and he was lying limp where he sat.

I wasn't sure where I was going though. One moment I was laying in my bed, and the next I am in a car crash. I was curious, what year was it? Where was I, and who am I?

A few moments after I heard sirens in the distance. They were here to see the emergency. When they arrived at the scene of the crash, one of the police officers got out and asked me if I was okay, and before I knew it, I was on a gurney to the hospital. But the moment I got to the hospital, I jumped off, and for a split moment, I knew where I was going. I was going to a hospital room.

In the hospital room was my mother. And I asked her what year it was. She said it was 2427. The year I was born. Suddenly I fell back into a seat and passed out. What was this? Who was I? Had I become my dad? Things were happening to quickly. But it fell into place, and it made sense. At least to what I could piece together. I was my dad. My future hadn't happened yet. I had become my dad, and my future self as Dylan, was now to start again. I went by the name Tod. No longer was I Dylan.

As the years went by, I slowly matured into what would have been my older self as Dylan. All my memories were carried with me from being Dylan, but after a short bit, I got used to being called by Tod. I got to watch myself grow up, but it was different. Nothing that I had in my own memories happened. It was very different, and a weird experience. It took me a while to learn about what my father was like, because I couldn't let my mother think something weird.

However, as the child, or well me still technically, grew, I began to notice around 7 when I would start to change. Not that dumb puberty stuff, but how I would see something. Feel something, physically that wasn't actually happening to me. It was then when I realized that the life I was living was a paradoxus life. I still kept in hide all the crazy things that happened, or the fact that I wasn't actually Tod, but merely still Dylan.


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