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Everyone knows the story of Alice in wonderland still there is the matter of hand of her sister. Her sister is portrayed as the strict young mature loving sister compared to Alice who was childish and had imagination. Throughout time her name has changed for this post sake I will call her Aida since that is the last name they gave her. Not only were there different names, but different movies and life.

First of all we have the original sister of Alice named Lorina.

I don't know much about this verison, but here is what I guess. After Alice was taken away her sister grew to search for her due to thinking that she was only playing around since she is only a child. During this time when she wasn't found she probably called the police to say that she had been taken. The police would have looked for her not as much as her, but during that time she would have to act like a proper lady. When Alice came back the sister must have thought that Alice would just appear and ignore the fact she was gone.

Next we have the film. Mathilda was her name. She grew to also be just like the first sister that was announced in this book/movie. Now the rules would be the same as well. She would just call for help.

Third is a manga called Alice in the country of Hearts. The sister is called perfect and everything great. Now during the time Alice was gone she was most likely occcupied with a young man that wanted a bit of her. It was shown in the manga the man that Alice loved picked her sister over her. So maybe while she was gone that was his chance to console her or right away when she went to go get a game he snatched her up. After while though she probably gave up looking for her sister since Alice went back.

Lastly is the 2010 film. the sister wasn't really shown actually she didn't have a sister so that tells you that either her sister was never born or her sister died a horrible death at the time due to the times.

Now not only do they each have a theory to themselves, but maybe something else. I have two more. One could be Alice wasn't dreaming, but the sister was dreaming because she doesn't want her sister or knows something Alice doesn't and let's her be taken away.

The final theory is that the sister saw everything and went crazy or maybe she just went crazy, but decided not to accept it and thus the wonderland was actually her mind. Well that's it thanks!


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