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Everyone knows what happens when Alice goes home now then what about wonderland itself. Now that the red queen is dead there could be many things that can change. The laws can change also due to everything. There will be huge reconstruction of all kinds. Though the white queen is kind she is secretly a sadist. She could make the people who sided with the red queen rebuild everything as well as give them a proper judgement. Now this means the character's life would be changed.

The white queen now rules all and as I said she probably became a sadist due to her recipes and the way she is unfazed by blood as much and the way the fight went on. Now there could be many other things she would be in charge of such as repainting and destroying the other castle. '

We all know how mad hatter life was torn away since there used to be alot of mad hatters, but now that the reason he was insane left what can he do well actually he can get the queen or maybe just help build a new hatter village in the other castle. There are many possibility, but maybe my favorite is that he could have left for Alice's world to be with her and could just change his appearance,

Now then it is easy to say the twins and the rabbit would help with the castle and continue to bring love and law to the world of wonderland. The Cheshire cat most likely is still hanging around maybe he has to surveillance the red queen and her stupid lover or maybe he is helping with the rebuilding. Speaking of the red queen last time we saw her she was exiled with her lover as he tried to kill her. Now then she could have just died right off with her lover or one ate the other then they died. Maybe the red queen escaped off somewhere. Finally the caterpillar was shown to be in Alice's homeland so that supports my hatter idea. Anyways no matter what happens with wonderland it still wonderland


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