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A brief treatment for a standalone Boba Fett origin story, taking inspiration from films such as Leon: the Professional, 3:10 to Yuma, and Dredd. A gritty take on the Star Wars universe that, while offering a Boba Fett origin story, still ensures the character remains as mysterious and sinister as he exists within the audience's imagination. Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment- but please keep in mind, any and all Expanded Universe canon nit-picking will be promptly ignored, even if it inspired this piece.

The Immortal Hunt
It is a period of galactic turmoil. The Rebellion has scored what it hopes is its final blow against the Empire, having successfully destroyed both the Second Death Star and the Sith leadership behind it.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, another power vacuum erupts within the dunes of Tantooine, threatening to swallow up everything remaining that was once a part of JABBA THE HUTT's vast criminal organization.

Soon, it will not be long before the galaxy's scum and villainy descend upon the remains of the crimelord's palace seeking a small portion of his fortune. But the Hutt left more behind than just salvage shifting beneath the desert sands...

The credits fade away into the stars, and the camera pans to a shot of an enormous and imposing-- but nevertheless luxurious-looking-- starship, currently orbiting the stratosphere of a hazy blue planet. From off camera, a much smaller freighter approaches, the kind of ship that looks like it's seen its fair number of after-market modifications and more than a few tough fights. This is the Hound's Tooth. Inside the freighter, its crew, a pair of alien bounty hunters, a reptilian Trandoshan named Bossk (Idris Elba) , and the insectile Zuckuss (Andy Serkis), argue about the wisdom of taking the job they are about to be offered. Zuckuss is more hesitant, while Bossk is insistent-- particularly if their prospective employer can confirm to the pair of rumors flooding the galaxy: first, that Jabba is in fact dead, and two, that he took the legendary bounty hunter (and Bossk's only real rival as a hunter) Boba Fett along with him.

Inside the luxury vessel, the two meet their employer, another alien, shrouded in shadows, and going by the name Ivvys (Benicio del Toro). He claims that there is a fugitive living in the Jundland Wastes that few know about-- an Imperial engineer and deserter that has intimate knowledge of some of the Galactic Empire's most devastating weapons. Now going by the name Del Maathis (Ian Holm), the engineer has been living under Jabba's protection for years in exchange for work done to help bolster the Hutt's security measures. With Jabba gone, nothing stands in the way of collecting the enormous bounty on Del's head, one which Ivvys is happy to pay.

Meanwhile, on Tantooine, Del Maathis wanders the dunes of the Wastes, picking through the scorched wreckage of Jabba's sail barge, worry creased into his sun-baked face. His worst fear of the past 17 years has been realized-- he is once again alone in the galaxy. Well, not entirely alone, as he sees his daughter, Ania Maathis (Maisie Williams), emerge from behind a piece of wreckage, bragging about her latest find. The two wander through, picking through the wreckage together, but she catches the look of concern on her father's face. He dismisses it, but she persists-- until the pair come across the deeply scarred and half-buried body of the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy: Boba Fett (Michael Fassbender).

Cast of The Immortal Hunt
Cast of The Immortal Hunt

Discovering the poor half-dead wretch is, in fact, still alive, and not realizing immediately who it is in the sand at their feet, the Maathis family return him to the safety of their moisture farm, where they intend to nurse him back to health.

As the story advances, Ania, not used to visitors growing up in the wastes, can't help but ask about this man and his mysterious history. Fett hides his true identity for as long as he can, but his mysterious nature only feeds the young woman's curiosity. During this time, it also becomes clear to Fett that Ania is an enormously talented engineer in her own right, and a determined survivalist, as well. He teaches her how to shoot, and she shows him how she and her father keep the farm and its equipment running.

Meanwhile, Boba Fett and Del Maathis become engaged in a race to see who can identify the other first; with both of them keeping their true nature close to their chest. Eventually, they confront each other with the other's secrets, and just as the pair are about to come to blows over it-- Ania emerges, and the two men set aside their differences for a moment, with Fett effectively taking the daughter as a human hostage. A truce appears to be made for the night.

Next, Zuckuss and Bossk arrive under the cover of darkness, determined to capture the fugitive and his daughter. They almost succeed, but Fett interferes, skillfully and brutally incapacitating Zuckuss, and severely maiming Bossk. who escapes. Unfortunately, Del is slain in the battle, and Ania is left grief-stricken and swearing revenge to those who sought to harm him.

Later, Boba Fett interrogates Zuckuss, who reveals the identity of his employer and the whereabouts of Boba Fett's stolen ship the Slave I. Boba Fett then hatches a plan to have Zuckuss take him back to Ivvys to collect the bounty on Del Maathis by turning in his collection of work and the only person who could make sense of it: his daughter Ania.

The second act of the movie follows Fett, Ania, and Zuckuss across the galaxy, as they begin to piece together Fett's arsenal, recover his stolen starship, and rebuild his reputation. All the while, Ania follows under the belief that she is learning as Fett's protege, as she is determined to hunt down Bossk and avenge her father's death. Their relationship continues to build, even though Fett remains determined to betray her and collect the bounty she is worth.

Meanwhile, Bossk travels the galaxy recruiting every hunter, hired gun, mercenary, and cutthroat he can find in an effort to find Boba Fett and do what no other man, alien, or droid could ever do alone-- take the Mandalorian's bounty right out from under his nose.

Later, after Boba Fett and his 'friends' recover the bounty hunter's ship and spare weaponry (the rest having been destroyed by his time in the Sarlaac Pit), Ania discovers a clue that would lead them straight to Bossk. Instead of following, however, Boba Fett insists on going another way. Ania realizes exactly what Fett is doing, and takes the next opportunity she can to escape-- only to fall right into Bossk's claws anyway.

Bossk and his new team of wretched allies take the young woman across the galaxy to a meet-up on the now-Imperially controlled Cloud City with Ivvys, hoping to collect on Del's legacy and Ania's head. But soon, Boba Fett arrives, and once again, with a unique brutality and undeniable skill, manages to eliminate each and every member of Bossk's posse, and finally, the enraged Trandoshan himself.

Fett is badly wounded after the fight, Ania rushes to his aid, thinking Fett has staged a rescue-- only to discover that once again, he has just come to collect on the price on her head. She is once again horrified, but has no choice but to be escorted to Ivvys.

Finally in the villains clutches, Ania listens as he describes the horrible life of servitude that she will have to endure at his clutches, and seethes with rage as he begins to tarnish her father's memory. Fett listens as he continues, but remains unmoved. It is clear that Fett is badly wounded. Finally, Ivvys pays Boba Fett the promised fee, and turns to take his charge away into the darkest reaches of space. Before he goes, however, Fett finally has a change of heart, and engages the alien Ivvys before he can escape. This time, it is Ania's turn to save him in the ensuing melee, giving Fett the chance to use one final burst from his wrist-mounted flamethrower to send Ivvys into the reddish depths that are at the core of the planet Bespin.

Finally, Boba Fett lies dying on the platform of Cloud City, Ania leans in beside him, and the two share one final exchange. He dies, and she picks up his helmet, cradling it in her lap, an orphan for a second time.

The film ends on a stinger scene. The camera follows a nervous-looking alien, slinking through the streets of Coruscant, two bodyguards moving behind him. He glances down every alley, before ducking into a cantina in the capital planet's undercity. Just when he believes he's safe, he hears Ania's voice, and turns to see the bounty hunter, now in possession of Boba Fett's title, his ship, his fortune, and a new set of Mandalorian armor very much in her mentor's style. She eliminates the creature's two guards in a matter of seconds, every bit as skilled and as brutal as the man who trained her. The alien falls down in fright. "You're dead! I know it, you're dead!"

"I'm not. You see-- unlike you, I am worth so much more alive."


What do you think? Is this the kind of Boba Fett story you'd like to see?


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