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Rose. Oh Rose. We were all heart wrenched when she had to be taken away from the doctor even when this happened.

God! Anyways it heart and then when she came back we all were in shock and hoping they would be together. Then sadly due to tragic events she was left behind and left to deal with half time lord and half human Doctor who I say changed his name to John Smith. Then this happened before he left

only because he said the rods he always wanted to tell her "I love you". Anyways to the main topic. It won't be easy for rose because even though he is like the doctor he isn't THE doctor. So many things could have happened to make it awkward. they most likely live in the same house and guessing the doctor he most try really hard to break the ice and be with her. Maybe he even tried becoming a time lord and making a tardis or maybe he decided he just needed her. After time they would have had a child and that child would be ginger because that would be like a stab to the heart for him and down right funny. Then the sad part would be they would grow up older and older until they died and maybe the sadder part would be that the original doctor would always remember her and feel it in his heart when she died. Still the thing is they would have lived a happy life.


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