ByPetey Fistpump Decarlo, writer at

The joker has told many different stories about his scars,but the true one lie deep in his thoughts,With him in his nightmares,And with him everey second of his life. There was two true things about both stories. His father did murder the jokers mother,He also did have a wife. She was pregnat with there daughter. The jokers father fled the residents after murdering his wife.his father was not seen for years until he wanted to see how his "little boy" is doing.the joker made an honest living working at a dynamite manufacturer.he was gone most of the day with his wife at home preparing for her day there's a knock at the door.its the jokers father,the joker never mentioned anything to his wife so she let him in.after awhile of him being there she calls to let the joker know his father is there.the joker screaming at her to get out of the house his father here's him through the phone and immediately rushes to jokers wife.the phone drops but joker is still listening,and just like the day he lost his mother he hears the menacing laugh from his father.his father picks up the phone and says why so little boy? and continues laughing.joker rushes to his house to find his wife with a scar from ear to ear.the joker breaks down crying.the cry fades as he sees the knife and grabs it.he then began a chuckle.he puts the knife in his mouth laughing uncontrollable.he now where's the same scars his mother and wife have.pouring out hate,anger,and chaos on gotham city.


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