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Edward Nigma, a young boy, brilliant mind for a 10 year old. Growing up in Gotham City. Edward lived with his mother and father who both deserted him. To them he was a mistake that should have never happened. In school Edward was a loner, but the top of his class though didn't have anyone to talk to let alone any friends for that matter. But he was bullied constantly that he wouldn't go to school some days. His parents wouldn't let him stay and so they would drag him back to school. They didn't care if he was bullied they wanted him out of the house.

When Edward would come home from school. Both his parents left for work leaving him all alone in the house. A nice house, his parents weren't that rich per say but they knew how to live. Edward all alone at home would find ways to entertain himself while his parents were away. He would finish his homework in matter of minutes and had the rest of the day to play. He drew for hours until his parents came home. That night his parents came home drunk and beat him half to death. Telling him what a disappointment he's been and how he's stained the family name.

Edward went to school the next day with cuts and bruises on his arm. When the teachers would tell him what happened. He would simply say "I fell down the stairs from my home." That day at lunch Edward would sit in his corner away from everyone. Until a beautiful blonde girl came up to Edward and greeted him. He greeted back. She showed him a folded piece of paper. He opened it and read it "What's Brown and Sticky?" Edward felt a sudden rush of excitement at the paper in his hand. Finally a challenge, he liked challenges. He thought for a bit of what could it be. then simply said to the girl,

"a stick." he smiled.
She smiled back and said "you're good."
"what't the name of this game?"
"They are called riddles, hi my names Amanda."
"I'm Edward." he shook her hand. From that day on they formed a close friendship.

Every single day at school during lunch they would come up with more riddles to show each other. Edward finally felt what it's like to have a friend and she was perfect. Years past and Edward now a teenager was an expert in riddles. He made Amanda think long and hard about the riddles he had for her. Later at home Edward's father would go into his room and see all these little papers everywhere in his room. He picked some up and read some.

"What is this?!" His dad crumpled it in his hand
"Riddles." Edward said while writing down another riddle.
"Don't you have other things to do?!"
"My homework is finished already." Edward continued to write down another one.
"GET UP!" His father picked him up by the shirt and dragged him out into the living room where his mother was.
"Look what he's been doing in his spare time!" Showing his mother the riddles.
"Stop! Those are for our eyes only!" Edward tried to grab them from his mother's hands.
His mother slapped him across the face leaving a read mark on his face and some blood coming from his lip.
"Who's our?!" His mother yelled at him
"None of your business!"
"Answer your mother! Or so help me I will beat you senseless!"

Edward wasn't feeling fear at this point he was feeling something else. A small smile creeped on his face. His father hit him in his face making him bleed again.
Edward still had the smile on his face only this time it grew bigger. His mother and father were frightened by their sons apparent behavior.

"Stop it! Stop looking at us like that!" His father hit him again.
Blood started oozing out of Edwards mouth. His father raised his hand again ready to strike him again, but his mother stopped him.
"Stop it! You'll kill him!" she held his fathers hand and stood between him and Edward.
"I'm going to my room now." Edward walked towards his room and shut the door.
"Something is really wrong with Edward."

The next couple of weeks his parents were out of town leaving him alone. Edward was locked in his room cleaning himself up from all the cuts and bruises by his fathers hand. He was planning something for them. Edward wanted to play a game, see if they were as smart as him. He created a riddle just for his parents to solve, including a trap.

It was midnight Edward had the riddle in place and the trap not to far ahead for them to step in it. His parents turned the key and opened the door stepped in. Looked for the light switch, it wouldn't turn on.

"What the hell." He kept trying for the light switch to go on, but nothing. They proceeded forward right into Edwards trap. A smile lamp on the floor with a piece of paper that read "Read Me." His father picked it up and opened it. The trap sprang. Screams filled the room as his parents were impaled by arrows that were shot from a crossbow, they both fell to the floor. A voice was heard in the dark.

"Read it."
"Who's there!?...Ahhh," His father screams in pain.
"I said...READ IT!"
"Edward?! is that you?!" His father said
"Okay...okay!" His father opened up the paper and read it.

"I am the darkness that fills your mind,
I am not happy nor kind,
I am the reason you keep your light on at night ,
I am that which devours the bright,
I can make children not sleep,
I am what makes grown men weep,
I am what keeps the world in order,
I am what creates horror.
What Am I?"

"What is this Edward?!"
"Son please!?" His mother pleaded to him.
"I'm not your son anymore."
Edward stepped forward from the darkness and his parents were shocked he wore a shirt and pants with pure ??????? He was holding a gun.
"Edward please, think about what you are doing here!"
"Oooh but I have....for 5 years" kneeling down besides his parents.
"Now here is what's going to happen. We are going to play a game ok. The riddle I gave you, you have to solve it before the time is up."
"Im not playing one of your games Edward!"

Edward shot the gun close to his father not hitting him, but the floor.
"Ahhh you son of a b*tch! Ok Ok I'll play your sick game!"
"Good...I'll give you guys 30min. Your time!"
His father and mother both reread the riddle and talked about what it could be.
20 minutes passed and still no answer.
"10 min!" Edward said as he was point the gun at them."
"5 min!"
"Okay okay...we have come up with an answer to your riddle!"
"Great what is it?" Edward with a huge smile on his face.
"Is it...umm" His father was very nervous.
"Some time today!" Edward loosing his patience.
"Is it the boogieman!" His father said.
Edward thought for a moment. A smile creeped upon his face.
"Thaaat is incorrect sir!" Edward pointed the gun at his parents.
"Please son give us another chance! Please!"
"Nope sorry only one chance. You loose thank you for playing."
"The correct answer was....FEAR." Edward said with a smile.
Edward pointed the gun at his parents both screaming out in fear and holding on to each other for dear life. 2 shots ring out in the room, his parents lay lifeless on the floor covered in blood, their blood.
"Well this was fun." Edward dropped the gun and went to his room and continued to write down more riddles. The next door neighbors call the police saying they heard shots fired. Cops arrive and breakdown the door see his parents on the flood dead. Head into his room. His room covered in ??????

Over the course of 7 years Edward Nigma has been in an out of psychiatric hospitals. Until recently he got out. Went to college graduated at the top of his class and now works for the Gotham City Police Department catching the bad guys. Though on his spare time he still enjoys creating RIDDLES. Until later his career is ruined and kicked out of the force. He has another agenda, since he loves to create riddles so much and enjoys other people trying to solve them. Why not become something, something that people will enjoy hearing. Something that he will be remembered by. Over the course of weeks he finally came up with a name, a name he loves, a name that people will know what he can do. He will be hence fourth known as the Riddler.


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