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I am an emissary of peace, I love everyone no matter who or what they have done...
-Wonder Woman - Diana of Themyscira

Hero, patron, ambassador-at-large, princess, queen, goddess...
She wears many hats and assumes many roles, as changeable as the weather.
But in my heart of hearts, she'll always be
Wonder Woman.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Of all the DC icons, I believe you have one of the more complex family trees: Your Mother, Queen Hippolyta, was the first Wonder Woman, your sister, Donna is your post-mystical birth twin sister, and you have a foster sister, Cassie...
How do the four of you get along?

Wonder Woman - Diana of Themyscira:

The simple answer to your question is that we are Amazons, we are sisters.. to some extent. Theres a reason why Themyscira is called Paradise Island. We do not seek to cause unnecessary harm to one another either mental or physical. We are a family, a sisterhood of warriors, who were either born on the island, or found their way to it, there is nothing that we wouldn't do for each other. I am an emissary of peace, I love everyone no matter who or what they have done.. that applies to my sisters. Donna and Cassandra have come such a long ways from when i first met them. We understand each other and when needed, we support each other. And even though my mother and I have had some rough moments, there is nothing i wouldn't do for her, and they have all already done so much for me, I don't think i could ever repay them for their devotion and sacrifices.

Wonder Women:  Hippolyta, Donna, Diana, Cassie, and Artemis
Wonder Women: Hippolyta, Donna, Diana, Cassie, and Artemis

Comic Book Illuminati:
As a founding member of the modern JLA, and at one point the only female member, do you often feel that superheroes do enough to promote equal standards for women?

Wonder Woman-Diana of Themyscira:

I don't believe they do.
I have met many heroes and have visited many places. Not all I have met share my same views: In some countries women were nothing more than slaves, they are abused, and even killed because of their gender.
If the other heroes of this world truly believed in what my home has accomplished, how we have managed to create a society where women are strong and able to defend themselves, i believe that women would have received more equal rights by now...
But instead, they haven't.

Ambassador Diana addresses the UN
Ambassador Diana addresses the UN

Comic Book Illuminati:
I read once that you have no enemies, merely friends you're having violent disagreements with...
Do you have enemies, Your Highness?

Wonder Woman - Diana of Themyscira:

Like i said earlier, I love everyone. They may have their faults and they may have views and personalities that may clash with mine, but I believe everyone has a chance to be saved. There is good in us all, it just takes a bit longer to reveal itself in others.
I have many that could be classified as enemies. Ares, Cheetah, Circe, the list goes on. And even though we may have our "violent disagreements", that doesn't mean that i won't try to appeal to their souls.
How else will I truly know how they feel if i don't try?

Comic Book Illuminati:
You recently went to war against Olympus to reinstate Zeus to his throne.
During this it was revealed that you were not a gift from the gods, not the reincarnated soul of the unborn daughter of the first murder victim, but merely... As if merely can truly apply.
But merely another in a long line of divine... conquests.
Did this change your view of the Parthenon?

Wonder Woman - Diana of Themyscira:

Sometimes we live our entire lives only to discover that it was a lie, that our life was not what we originally were told to believe... It can come as a shock to most.
The same can be said of me. when i learned of the truth it was hard...
It was unbearably hard in the beginning. and I regret to say that i spoke much more openly than i should have to my mother, and I wish now i could have taken back the things that i said.
An experience such as this opens your eyes to the world around you, it opens your eyes to reality, It was difficult to accept, but eventually you just need to learn to accept it... And then you move on.

Mothers and daughters...
Mothers and daughters...

Comic Book Illuminati:
Maxwell Lord's death...
Would you do it again?

Wonder Woman - Diana of Themyscira:

I would.
I may come to this world seeking peace, but sometimes violence, war and death is required to meet the end goal. Peace is worth fighting for.
Maxwell sentenced himself to death once he killed the Blue Beetle and then turned Superman against me, my only way out of that fight was to kill him.
So I did what was necessary.

What was necessary.
What was necessary.

Wonder Woman-Diana of Themyscira


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