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Perhaps trying to write a coherent article so soon after watching Arrow's penultimate episode This Is Your Sword is a mistake, but I've allowed time for a rewatch since. Yes, I loved it that much. It was a special treat for me- after thinking the last couple felt a bit off, the already epic episode felt even more amazing, and it made for a hugely entertaining and brilliant forty minutes of viewing. But, a spoiler buffer- speculation for My Name is Oliver Queen follows, as well as spoilers for the rest of the season if you're not up to date.

Katana wards off spoilers.
Katana wards off spoilers.

How awesome was Katana?! The fight between her and Maseo was exceptional, and her costume was pulled out of the comics. What else was to love? Well, everything. Roy and Thea, Team Arrow were at the top of their game, as were Ra's and the League, Atom crashing into a plane- so good. Anyway, enough of my (well warranted) raving- here's the trailer!

There's also an exclusive, minute long trailer which doesn't reveal much more if you'd like, really just with a lengthier scene on the front.

Yes, they're alive! Time to suit up!

Surprise! I feel like this week's amazing cliffhanger would have been that much more awesome if we went completely without a promo for next week, cruel as that would be, but don't hold the writers/producers to that. The promos are done by an entirely different marketing department. Anyway, shock horror, yes, our favourite Team Arrow are alive, but no word on Katana yet, who was taken to a different room.

Oh, hey, Barry's here!

So that's how they get back to Starling (Air to the Demon Flight 1 already left)! Yes, Grant Gustin's making a guest appearance in next week's episode, but Barry's got a lot on his plate at the moment. I wouldn't expect him to hang around for the whole episode, as we've got a big ensemble as it is , but that doesn't mean he won't play a behind the scenes role, and it's nice given Arrow/The Flash running so seamlessly and in such an expertly made shared universe that he should show up. I could be wrong, though, and he may stick around the whole time. Who knows?

Looks like they're not the only ones suiting up...

Nice variation of Roy's uniform that a certain somebody has wearing- I like how it's not the same. Similar, but still distinctly different. Welcome Speedy, Thea Queen, into the field properly everyone! This is the clearest shot we have. (So that's what Willa Holland's mask fitting was for!)

Poor Starling is dying- again!

It always seems to be THIS time of year, too, some of them must be saying! Yes, the Alpha and Omega bioweapon will be unleashed on Starling, it would seem. But, the big question- how are they going to stop it? Because as we learned this week, there is no cure.

Is Oliver prepared to kill?

This shot was interesting to me, because we know that Oliver has been deceiving Ra's, but that seems to be a normal arrow nocked to his bow. He rarely uses them anymore when he's facing down just one opponent as he seems to be in the trailer- even in his fight against Eobard Thawne it's clear that he's using his tranquilizer arrows. Could be reaching, though.

The rift between Team Arrow will never be repaired- especially for Diggle.

His dialogue about "not counting on Oliver" already shows us that his speech this week was definitely true- his trust is shattered, and that's the same for the rest of the Team, but Diggle's had it worse off for a while. Then, of course, the punch he throws at Oliver really doesn't bode well.

The League's finest are coming...

I always like these full League shots. People have been sceptical of some of the League's fight scenes with the likes of Diggle, but remember those who are taken down are likely initiates or not as well trained as the greatest members we're accustomed to seeing fight. Not all of them are as good as Ra's or Sara or Nyssa or Maseo. There are levels of skill- these guys are left standing. Fantastic shot of the League, Ra's and Nyssa standing before the Lazarus Pit.

...led by the Demon's Head himself.

In a nice new hoodie! Given this may be my last chance this season to do so, I have to acknowledge the brilliance of Matt Nable. What an excellent Ra's he is. He's menacing, imposing, majestic, human, and ruthless- and yet, as all good Ra's', we can still somewhat sympathise with him. He's been through tragedy. And Matt Nable plays that incredibly well. So my applause to Ra's al Ghul's real life counterpart, sure to be one of my favourites.

Honeymoon fun!

Namely flying a plane likely loaded with a bioweapon together towards sudden death. Fun fun fun! It'll be nice to see Katrina Law and Stephen Amell shared some more scenes with each other as unlikely and unwilling allies, just as was the case a year ago- but now as husband and wife.

What's Diggle "no-no-no"ing about?

I would presume that the bioweapon may be about to unleash, or someone's about to get infected or is dying. Nice little glimpse of Thea in costume next to him there as well!

Showdown in a plane...

So it seems, with Ra's fully threatening Nyssa with a blade this time, enraged at Oliver, and looking about ready to snap. But I can't help but feel the final confrontation might not happen in this plane. I could be wrong, of course, but it just feels a bit unlikely.

...but will the final duel be here?

Assuming there is a final duel, of course. I can't help but think that after all of Oliver's training and, this being a superhero show, coupled with the events in the finales of both of the last seasons, there has to be some kind of final fight between the pair. Hopefully one where Oliver Queen wins. The dialogue Ra's gives presumably Oliver just seems to hint this is where the final fight takes place, but that's just speculation.


This season has been all about identity, and Oliver's finally about to get his sorted completely. He knows who he is. He's not the Arrow. He's not Ra's al Ghul. His name is Oliver Queen. (And for five years he was okay I'll stop.) With the continued references to the Arrow being dead and gone forever, and Oliver fully moving into himself, and Marc Guggenheim promising this finale "doesn't just feel like an end to season three, but to the first three seasons" - in other words, potentially, Oliver's origin story to Green Arrow. We know, after all, that he takes on that mantle in this universe eventually.

And now the wait begins! What an agonising wait it's going to be, but it's not going to compare to the one in a couple of weeks when both Arrow and Flash are over and we're stuck until October without either of them. But for now, be happy, as both installments- yes, I have a Flash Rogue Air breakdown too- look absolutely amazing, and well worth the wait.


What's your favourite part of the trailer?


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