ByHunter Duncan, writer at

The Joker was a mercenary for hire when he was younger. He had a loving wife, two children, a son and a daughter. He had been called in for a big job, his task; taking out a hostile military leader. After he had geared himself up he attacked the outpost that the military leader was at. After assasinating the leader he was almost home free when one of the leader's soldiers attacked him. Being a seasoned martial artist he easily incapacitated the soldier, until the soldier threw a shrapnel grenade at him. And when it detonated it sent thousands of metal shards ricocheting towards him, one entered his right arm, the other, his left foot, but a much larger one sliced through his cheek, creating one side of his scars. Then after getting stitched up he vowed to never fight again. Until his wife and two children were caught in the crossfire between a superhero and a group of men trying to rob a bank, and despite his desperate actions were killed. This caused him to go off the deep end, when he looked at himself in the mirror all he saw was his wife and children's smiling faces, driving him mad. He then took a straight razor and completed his crazed smile. Believing the superhero was the reason for his family's death, he dedicated his life to destroying any superhero he laid his eyes on. Inadvertently getting involved with mass crime organizations and further destroying his insanity.


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